Ohio Wind Farms: The results

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The projects, known as Timber Road Wind Farm and Blue Creek Wind Farm, are still young. But, according to managers of both, they’re already performing.

“The (Blue Creek) project has delivered what we said it would,” said Dan Litchfield, senior project developer.
Production Results

That includes about $2.7 million in annual tax payments, $2 million annually in lease agreement payments, $600 million from the company that built the farm, and enough energy to power about 76,000 homes.

Blue Creek, in Paulding and Van Wert counties, is owned and operated by Iberdrola Renewables, an Oregon-based leader in wind energy. The farm also has a partnership with Ohio State University that provides wind energy research to students and supplies the OSU-Columbus campus with wind energy credits amounting to about 25 percent of the university’s electric needs.

Timber Road Wind Farm, Paulding County, is owned by Texas-based EDP Renewables. Its 55 turbines have a capacity of 99 megawatts — enough to power 27,000 homes each year.

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I find it curious that a certain "Paul Wohlfarth" is posting in the comments section of that article, and he's getting his ass handed to him by facts and logic.

I don't mind wind-based power generation. But the tax credits, NIMBYs and government shenanigans have totally obscured the applicability of them. Mr Wohlfarth had several times accused others of allying with the fossil-fuel industry. Well, we are ALL allied. Our cars, trucks, trains and ships run on petroleum, and our houses are heated by natural gas or coal or fuel oil (i.e. petroleum). There's just no getting around it.

I say hang the credits and hang the absurd regulations and let people put up turbines as it pleases them. Prediction: Few will, until fossil fuels reach critical depletion levels. That's what burns the ass of the average Liberal... that people economically wait until it's really too late (hence expensive) to transfer over to a more renewable set of sources... and it's more than just expensive, since a transfer over to renewables is a fine way of saying "brownouts" and "blackouts" since renewables can't power our grid and vehicles like fossil fuels can. People will eventually adopt those things, yes, but the cultural shock will be brutal.

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