Swanton Ohio says no to the Nexus Pipeline

December 8, 2014 to a packed standing room only township meeting the Swan Creek Board of Trustees voted unanimously against the Nexus/Spectra Pipeline.

Trustee: Give us more pipeline info

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"Trustee Pam Moore said, like their constituents, she and fellow trustees Rick Kazmierczak and Ron Holdeman are in the dark about aspects of the NEXUS Gas Transmission project due to a lack of transparency by DTE Energy and Spectra Energy, the partnership behind the pipeline extension. Moore said, however, the partners decided to attend the trustees’ Dec. 15 meeting to answer questions after initially refusing.
They agreed to the 10 a.m. appearance only after a lot of persuasion, Moore said. She said she told their area attorney Mark Wagoner time and patience were running out for both the trustees and the township residents.
“We want to do this in open public forum, and he said no. He said they will not go to official meetings,” she said. “The more I talked to Mark, the more I had questions. I can’t answer (the residents’) questions. I’m in the dark, just like these people are in the dark.”
She said until she pressured him Wagoner was not forthcoming with answers. He finally provided some through an email she received last week. They did not include answers to where specifically the pipeline will be placed and which residents it will affect. Wagoner told her those decisions have not been finalized.
“He returned the answers after I gave him an ultimatum,” Moore said. “”We’re not being included in one thing. I pushed my way in, and said, ‘You have to answer to this.’ Months ago, I asked Mark for a route through Swancreek Township. Shame on them. Everything was put off.”

Swancreek residents contend with NEXUS reps
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Liz Athaide-Victor, is an outspoken adversary of the pipeline who oversees Neighbors Against NEXUS, a grassroots effort to keep the pipeline out of the township. She was invited to speak with a NEXUS representative from Arkansas who was visiting her neighbor’s County Road 3 home, and pulled no punches.
“She told us how it’s going to be,” Athaide-Victor said. The woman said NEXUS would watch for endangered animal species and invaluable archaeological finds while surveying her acre of land. They would also pay for any damages to trees or bushes.
“She said all of our neighbors agreed with the pipeline,” Athaide-Victor said. “I told her, ‘There’s no way on earth you’re going to come on my property and do anything.’”
When she and her neighbor asked the representative specific questions about the pipeline the woman responded, “That’s above my pay grade.” The woman said the project would require a 100-foot wide corridor in their neighborhood, where the road is only 17.5 feet wide.
In September, Athaide-Victor had received a letter from NEXUS outlining its plan. But when she repeatedly called a number provided to get more information she got a recording.
And when she quizzed her neighbors, she found that none were in agreement with the pipeline. “NEXUS does this divide and conquer thing. They lie to the people and tell them everyone’s onboard,” she said. “But a lie is a lie is a lie.”

Concerns Linger Over Radon Levels in Spectra Pipeline Gas
Appleton also stressed that he believes the bill was also necessitated by the “gross negligence” involved in FERC’s decision against requiring radon mitigation at the Spectra pipeline. He, along with other panelists at the hearing, stressed concerns that natural gas from the radon-heavy Marcellus Shale — which is a major source of gas coming through the Spectra pipeline — could potentially bring levels of the radioactive element to 17 or even 30 picocuries at the New York City delivery point. That would, of course, be many times higher than the aforementioned “acceptable” level of 2.7 picocuries.

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The Nexus pipeline has a 42" high pressure 1/2 mile diameter blast zone. The blast radius is the distance that the fire from the explosion consumes, measured in feet from the epicenter to the outer edge of the burned area. Many factors can increase the estimated blast radius such as residential homes, forests, other gas lines, utilities, businesses and industrial facilities.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Radon in My Apartment? The Spectra Pipeline
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Learn in two minutes about how Spectra and ConEd plan to bring fracked gas, laced with radon, into New York via a new explosive, high pressure pipeline. This is bad for the environment and bad for New Yorkers.

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Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

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