Obama Can Reform Dark Money With a Stroke of a Pen

Obama Can Reform Dark Money With a Stroke of a Pen
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"President Barack Obama can issue an executive order today that requires government contractors to disclose their dark-money campaign contributions.
Why doesn’t he? And why don’t campaign-finance-reform organizations push for such a fix?
In 2011, following the first wave of undisclosed campaign money in the 2010 midterms, the administration floated such an executive order. The idea provoked furious lobbying from business groups concerned that their donors would have to take responsibility for their electioneering.
The US Chamber of Commerce, the largest dark-money group in the last two midterm elections, not so subtly threatened war with the White House over the order. “We will fight it through all available means,” one Chamber lobbyist told The New York Times, referencing the bombing campaign against Muammar el-Qaddafi, “To quote what they say every day on Libya, all options are on the table.”
The order wouldn’t impact every dark-money donor. Individuals and companies without contracts with the federal government would remain untouched.
However, the order would likely impact dozens of firms. General Dynamics, one of the largest defense contractors in the country, has told shareholders that it has directly funded political dark-money groups, though it has declined to name them. As journalist Paul Blumenthal has pointed out, “JPMorgan Chase, Exxon Mobil, General Electric, and the aforementioned Koch Industries all hold government contracts.”

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The President won't do that. Even bigger government contracts than you mention is a lot of computer and tech firms. They represent the Dem funding base in Palo Alto. If the President signs such an order they would have to disclose what they send and to where and.... that would be about it for the big west coast fundraising arm.

It's not like the EO would really matter anyway. Campaign finance laws are too vague to be effective, too many loopholes, all it would serve is to prevent grassroots voters from donating.


Good thing this article was uploaded by a Liberal poster or else "Dark money" would be considered racist.

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