Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement: assault on America

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It doesn't matter how these trade agreements are wrung out. Manufacturing is far cheaper in China. Therefore a lot of manufacturing will move there and arise there anew. This will cost tax base and jobs in the First World. And the consumption wave in the First World will falter due to the lack of income. Political maneuvering and consumer credit lines will delay this process... and as well make the true impact much worse.

Sadly due to our political process and culture itself, there's no way to change this outcome. All I can advise people to do is defend themselves.

Sadly GZ this has already played out! We lost since 2001 50,000 manufacturing plants and 5 million manufacturing middle-class jobs. I think people are realizing this fact as the economy cannot grow with Walmart wages. I hear this in many corporate media outlets giving hope. Also China has huge environmental issues that cost big money to resolve.

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"I think people are realizing this fact as the economy cannot grow with Walmart wages."

Then you can't grow. Our economy was built from cheap inputs, namely petroleum and labor. Then expensive labor and even moderately-priced oil killed it. We live in the decline of our empire since we refused to follow the natural outcome of cheap labor (said outcome being cheap housing and lifestyles, not the opposite) and limited supplies of cheap energy.

I enjoin you and people like you to open up businesses yourselves and pay these above-Walmart wages. Go right ahead. The costs of legal compliance alone will eat you alive before you get very far, and your installed base of employees will be out on the street in due course, since you were dumb enough to try it.

But, wait a minute... you aren't trying it, are you? Seems that your money has already spoken where your mouth doesn't dare. In fact, I've demanded of you in the past to POST YOUR INVESTMENT PORTFOLIO to demonstrate that like with most other Boomers, you've already massively "voted" with your dollars for globalist suppression of domestic wages. You never respond with a mea culpa so that pretty much puts paid to your hollow words about "Walmart wages". Walmart does a brisk business because of people like you, in how you shop and in how you invest your massively unearned retirement funds.

The world that you claim to want, simply cannot exist. You work AGAINST that world with every dollar you spend. It's lunacy... and it's equally unstoppable. So again, I just advise people who are the 'victims' of globalism to see to their own, personal, direct defense. (Defense, I might add, against what YOU have done to them.)

The latest jobs report shows many more additional people working at jobs in November than was predicted, along with October's jobs being revised upward. Add to this, rising hourly wages. And add to these, significantly lower oil (and gasoline) prices.

The American economy is definitely improving, slowly but steadily. Those, like you, who consistently predict "doom and gloom" always have their day whenever things get bad, as they did from about 2008-2011. That's when the "doom and gloom" predictors are in their element. But, when things get better, some still keep predicting "doom and gloom." I may have labeled you "Mr. Empty Glass," but your own posts reinforce this negative, descriptive term.
This is NOT an attempt to silence you. It is an attempt (probably Quixotic) to get you to re-examine your own analyses. You are obviously intelligent. Why not stop complaining about your economic plight, and get the education and/or training to qualify yourself for a profession? Not only will your income and personal financial situation improve, but you may also fill a void in an area of need in this community and in this country.
BTW -- I was in the private sector for 15 years before I became a teacher. Our daughter and her husband are both employed in the private sector right here in the Toledo area. Our daughter was out of work for a while, but now does computer programming for a large car parts company, which has a few locations around the country. Although she has a college degree, her husband does not, but, with his many mechanical skills and strong work ethic, he has been steadily employed since he was a teenager! (They are both 35.) And, our daughter is negative about at least one thing. She is NOT planning to receive ANY Social Security when she is ready to retire. She thinks that Social Security will be broke before then.

"The American economy is definitely improving, slowly but steadily."

Considering how much public and private debt that's unpayable, that's essentially impossible.

Japan tried the same trick, back in 1991 (sorry, I know Liberal memories are very short when events cross their ideology), and swept gargantuan piles of bad bank loans into the basement of the Bank of Japan. Ah, so solly, it no wolk. The Nips bought themselves a "Lost Decade" (which they eventually admitted) that hasn't let up for 23 years (which is the part they will never admit). This is the condition that the USA is also in... the economy finally crashed and burned in 2008, when three major national industries collapsed (banking, housing, automotive). The government went on a mad borrowing spree and made sure the rich fucks were largely 'made whole'. And the concentration of wealth proceeded apace.

So we're really sitting in a large economic disaster that you could call the Second or Third Great Depression (depending on if you count 1873 as the first one). It took a long time that was filled with spread-spectrum economic malfeasance to arrive at this sort of generational crash; it can't just clear itself up in a few years and then it's back to bidding up the prices of condos.

GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass -- "I can't disprove what you stated, so I will make fun of the way Japanese people speak English, and disparage rich people with a profane nickname all in one post." Well done!
Have you ever tried speaking Japanese? I wonder how you'd sound to them! Of course, you would never try to actually LEARN Japanese. That would take education and/or training, and you would rather complain about people who are well educated and relatively successful, than actually become a well educated and/or well credentialed person yourself. How profoundly sad for you!
Mr. Empty Glass, you keep reinforcing that nickname. "The sky is falling, The sky is falling!"

You are powerless against the truth.

I spoke about the public and private debt. You responded with... nothing about it.

I spoke about the Japanese trying the same stupid political trick of hiding unpayable debt. You responded with... nothing about it.

I spoke about the three major national industries that collapsed. You responded with... nothing about them.

I spoke about what's really a large economic disaster that should be called a "Great Depression". You responded with... nothing about it.

You Liberals are like children. It's a cultural crime that you have any civil rights at all. Looking across history, I'm not surprised that eventually Liberals end up in bloody piles that are dusted with lime and then dumped into mass graves. You bring that on, yourselves. You form a mass of takers and try to overwhelm the makers. Genocides and pogroms are really rational responses at that point.

about all of the facts I state here. I know how much you HATE facts!
1. The public debt as a per cent of GDP peaked in 1946 at 121.7%! We are back slightly above 100%, but not as high as in 1946. We had a little economic success after 1946, building the strongest economy in the world. And most economic analysts believe, the U.S. STILL has the strongest economy in the world. Few financial analysts would have the U.S. trade places with ANY OTHER COUNTRY IN THE WORLD in this regard. As I have stated, I watch A LOT of CNBC, and some Bloomberg also.

2. Those you label "stupid" Japanese, had an unemployment rate of 3.5% in October, 2014. That makes them "stupid?"

3. The "three major industries" to which you refer were all bailed out by the government to lesser or greater degrees, against the wishes of many extreme right-wingers. The WAS in 2008. Most right-wing ideologues like yourself stated that the bailouts would never succeed and that the apocalypse was upon us. How are those industries doing in 2014? Quite well, thank you. Don't wallow in the past, Mr. Empty Glass. Deal with the here and now. Our economy is improving, slowly and steadily.

4. We were in "The Great Recession." To call it a "Great Depression" displays your ignorance of just how bad the economy really was in the 1930s. Do a little research. Things were very bad from about 2008-2011. They never reached the desperate levels of the 1930s. And which POTUS is leading us OUT of the Great Recession?

Finally --- More gloom and doom from you. No wonder I call you "Mr. Empty Glass!" I feel truly sorry for anyone who believes that "Genocides and pogroms are really rational responses," at ANY point!

BTW -- I'm still waiting for the call from my NRA-member, gun toting, son-in-law informing me about how the Federal government under Obama has taken away his weapons. Still waiting...still waiting....still

double post

You can hardly define one of the world's leading debtor nations as having the world's strongest economy. Debt is not wealth. Your generation (the Baby Boomers) decided to cash out capital in order to enjoy money today. Hence our enormous debt loads, from the government sector, to the commercial sector, to the individual sector. As a nation, any rational accounting shows that we're bankrupt.

Since your'e a Liberal and a Boomer, you just can't admit any of that. You can't, since you need to keep fooling people into paying your Golden Class and all those taxes which tend to support you.

As for the Nips, yes, they are very dumb. They chose political expedience over fiscal rectitude. Those sort of choices are always stupid.

As for the bailouts, the effects of those horrors continue to resound in our economy and culture. We've only extended our Greatest Depression. My personal theory is that it will NEVER end now. Americans who grow to adulthood and seek work, will always have to deal with career obliteration by the time they hit their 40s. It's impossible to sustain a real middle class with those sort of socio-economics. Debt has covered up a lot of these effects. We have food stamps now, and that means you don't see hungry people... you see millions upon millions of DEBT SLAVES, and TAX SLAVES, but no, no starvation. We just shifted the suffering, and most people are too dumb to understand that.

And finally, per your gun comment... you Liberals lost. You lost the gun-grabbing effort for good. All you can do now is run your silly mouths about guns. A grade school each year could be slaughtered, and we still won't lose our right to keep and bear arms. Americans and particularly minorities realized exactly what you Liberals were up to; so, they became more active about gun rights all around. This Obama character is powerless. Again, like the Liberals, all he can do is run his mouth. The Second Amendment is the law in every square inch of the nation. The Great Gun-Grab is over. And since that great loss can never be admitted by Liberals, they conceal their whining inside containers of feigned contempt.

As for gun control, because you seldom actually READ my posts, I will reiterate for you: I favor the 2nd Amendment. I OPPOSE the confiscation of guns from law-abiding Americans! I believe that every law-abiding American who wants to own a gun, may own a gun, and, indeed, many, many surveys show that every law-abiding American who wants to own a gun ALREADY DOES OWN AT LEAST ONE GUN! Many own more. Some own many more than one gun!

The point of my statement is that you and your right-wing fellow travelers, nearly universally proclaimed that a second term for Obama as POTUS would lead to the following, among other horrors: 1. Much higher petroleum and gasoline prices, and severe gasoline shortages. 2. Much higher prices for most, if not all, commodities, especially precious metals (read gold and silver). 3. Out of control inflation. 4. A new Great Recession, or even a Great Depression. 5. Gun confiscation by the feds from most, if not all, Americans who own them. 6. Many even went so far as to purport that in a second Obama term as POTUS, America would adopt Islam as an official religion, or, at least, give Islam special protection under federal law. In fact, (sorry, I know how much you and other ideologues hate facts), NONE OF THESE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED!!

GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass -- I'm sorry that I don't fit into a nice, neat ideological box for you. Few people do. Stereotyping is simplistic. People are complex.
And, your consistent "doom and gloom" scenario is getting old. Larry Kudlow, who is the most conservative economic analyst among CNBC's group of analysts, just stated moments ago that lower petroleum prices are, "extremely bullish," that means extremely positive, for the American economy. Mr. Kudlow called it, "a tax cut which will stimulate the economy."
But, you stick to your "doom and gloom" scenario, GZ aka Mr. Empty Glass. That seems to make you happy!

most successful investors in our history. Jack Bogle is the founder of the Vanguard Group of mutual funds. As he is well into his 80s, he no longer runs the group, but his perspective on investing is well worth anyone's time to ingest. In short, he sees investing now as a short-term risk, but a long-term imperative. He also believes that the best investments are in American companies, not foreign companies.

I'm sorry for using a source who is well-educated and well respected in his field. I know that you dislike expertise almost as much as you hate facts. They get in the way of your vacuous opinions, after all. I'm hoping that by shedding light on these topics from factual and well respected sources, others reading here will get a balanced, realistic view of the economic state of the world today.
Here's the link to the article:

BTW -- Jack Bogle is a lifelong registered Republican. Of course, any Republican who disagrees with Mr. Empty Glass, he labels as a RINO. Oh, well.

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