Fiat Clown Car coming to Toledo?
The problem with settling for any old product in Toledo it could be a failure where the Wrangler has been a constant seller for over 70 years. No one makes this kind of vehicle and to have it walk away from Toledo might be the last time we the aggrieved ever see it again. Even Ford is making its new F150 with an aluminum body on a steel frame. Why not Wrangler? Whomever gets this Wrangler will get a proven product with a following that will be exported around the world, making it a possible huge windfall for any community. We've seen the same thing happen when International UAW officials and Detroit Mayor Coleman Young conspired with Detroit Chrysler officials and took our Grand Cherokee while we were asleep at the wheel of full employment in Toledo. Mind you, this may be the end of the Jeep Wrangler EVER to be produced in its Toledo birthplace or a possible stepping stone to break its ties to Toledo and eventually build it in China. Whoever gets the new vehicle will not have the same generational pride in its success as Toledo has always had. It's just another car to a Sterling Heights or a Belvidere. Both plants are on their ass with no sales and cars that are not generating enthusiasm. Sergio may make some flippant employment promises to Toledo Mayor Collins but so far his word means nothing and he's retiring in 2018 never to be heard from again

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Since you have such a problem with how Jeep is run, maybe you should buy American. LOL


Buy American


MIKEY, Jeep is running better now that HE is no longer a line boss there.

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