Sarah Palin the Republican?

Well the real Sarah Palin has surfaced with her tax the rich schemes. Seems she favor collectivism in Alaska's energy reserves. Her fellow Alaskans collected annual payments of some $1,200 a resident. Now the energy companies want it back! Sound familiar?

Oil Industry’s Taxes Create Odd Wedge for Alaskan Voters
Sarah Palin’s Attack on Gov. Sean Parnell’s Plan Aligns Her With State Democrats

Quote from article:
"Ms. Palin, the 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate, had been mostly quiet about the ballot measure, but she came out late last week with a blazing attack in favor of repealing the Parnell plan. In an online column and a video at her new subscription-based website, she railed against the “outside influence” that she said had infiltrated state politics.
“For years outside Big Oil tried to tell us, ‘Hush now, little Alaskans, just trust us to do right by you,’ ” Ms. Palin wrote on her Facebook page, which has 4.3 million “likes,” about six times the population of Alaska. “We won’t be suckered again by multimillion-dollar P.R. campaigns and crony capitalists wanting us to fall for scaremongering.”
Ms. Palin’s broadside accentuated and compounded what had already been a collection of strange bedfellows, aligning her with some of the most liberal Democrats in the Legislature and a smaller group of Republicans who support Ballot Measure 1, an effort to reverse the legislation championed by Mr. Parnell, who was Ms. Palin’s lieutenant governor and succeeded her when she resigned in 2009."

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She should run for President. To keep yanking the democrats' parties chain some more. Their fear of her is astounding! She has the ability to waste their money like nobodys' business.

Not so much fear but laughter. She's such a crackpot but draws attention to herself and money. After all its all about the money with her.

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