The anti environment Gov Kasich meets with Toledo Mayor Collins over Toledo water crisis

Ohio Governor Kaisich votes down SB310
Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Nation’s First Renewable Energy Freeze June 13, 2014
“Gov. Kasich promised Ohioans he would protect Ohio families, create Ohio jobs, and champion clean energy technologies. By signing this devastating bill, he has decided to ignore the health and economic interests of everyday Ohioans in favor of big corporations. We need Gov. Kasich to be strong on energy efficiency, renewable energy, and green jobs to move Ohio forward.”

Looks like Toledo is not in Ohio. So far since SB310 Toledo has lost millions in lost business and tax receipts from algal bloom. Do we need further ALEC legislation mucking up the Toledo economy?

Unnoticed Fossil Fuel Influence Could Soon Dismantle Ohio's Clean Energy Policies

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