Here Is Every Foreign Country That Gets More Federal Aid Than Detroit

Here Is Every Foreign Country That Gets More Federal Aid Than Detroit
Detroit $108.2 Million
Solmalia $121.4M
Zimbabwe $135.3M
Cote d'lvoire $135.4M
Liberia $157.1M
Ghana $160M
Bangladesh $165.9M
Lebanon $165.9M
Malawi $166.4M
Rwanda $169.2M
Mati $180.3M
Indonesia $183M
Philippines $188M
Mexico $205M
Congo $236M
Haiti $300M
Colombia $323M
Zambia $362M
Mozambique $372.4M
South Sudan $393M
Ethiopia $417M
West Bank & Gaza $440M
South Africa $445M
Uganda $456.3M
Tanzania $552.5M
Kenya $$563.8M
Iraq $573.2M
Jordan $670.5M
Nigeria $692.7M
Pakistan $1.16 Billion
Egypt $1.55 Billion
Afghanistan $2.2 Billion
Israel $3.1 Billion

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You could stop this by not voting for Dems or Republicans. Here's the Libertarian stance-We support the elimination of tax-supported military, economic, technical, and scientific aid to foreign governments or other organizations. We support the abolition of government underwriting of arms sales. We further support abolition of federal agencies that make American taxpayers guarantors of export-related loans, such as the Export-Import Bank and the Commodity Credit Corporation. We also oppose the participation of the U.S. government in international commodity circles which restrict production, limit technological innovation, and raise prices.
Of course this would require a complete disavowal of any union backed Dems who vote for this crap.

Any statement I make is the opinion of me exercising my first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and is generally permitted.

Obviously Paul doesn't understand how US foreign aid works.

US foreign aid is designed for two things 1) sell US products and keep Americans working 2) create and use influence.

Since the US gov't doesn't need aid to gain influence in Detroit throw out #2.

For US jobs, well, when we give a country aid it's stays in an account the Fed controls. It's normally something like 200mil of aid for 10 years. The country then uses that aid to buy tanks, airplanes, other military equipment etc. That's why F18's haven't gone out of production but the US gov't bought it's last one in 1989. Who builds F18's. American workers.

So I'd be interested in knowing what Paul thinks 20mil over 10 years would do for Detroit and what that actually gains the Fed gov't that it doesn't already have.


One of Ron Paul's constant themes was that we should stop giving away American tax dollars to foreign countries. It's insane by any measure. Hamas & the PLO also get American tax dollars. Those "tunnels" we are now seeing on television - paid for by American tax dollars.

If we kept our tax dollars here, and indeed, actually fixed our cities' infrastructure, for starters.... if we withdrew all this tax-bribe money given to foreign countries, including dozens upon dozens who have dictators (like bobo... sorry, couldn't resist) - not only would our nation begin to recover... MOST OF THE FIGHTING/WARS WORLDWIDE WOULD CEASE. We are actually funding all these conflicts - in one way or another.

Will ACoward call you racist since almost all listed are majority black


Judging from his reply I think you hurt his feelings.


Nope, more like behavior that shouldn't be happening and that Chris ought to be cracking down on... as well as fixing the performance of his crappy site. Oh wait, SITE OFFLINE ERROR again, sorry.

What behavior. So he had your name in the subject line of a thread.

You do realize you don't have to respond to it. Don't you?


Stop complaining, like you've been told.


I think you're right, Mikey

So will ACoward call you racist since almost all of those countries/cities are majority black?

No, but I'll flag this post as trolling for calling me out by name, asshole.



You seen to have forgotten Israel, they get $3.1 billion, per.


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