Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

The War Resisters League- Where Your Income Tax Money Really Goes

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Geez--this is such a really swell diagram--too bad it's a bunch of malarkey.

According to Whitehouse.gov, the major categories of federal spending are:

National Defense 24.79%
Medicaid, Medicaid, and other public health services 25.19%
Unemployment insurance, food/housing assistance, earned income payments 18.77%

C'mon, you telling me you trust the GPO over the good people of www.warresisters.org?


Anyone can check the wiki on each year's federal budget, which terrifies Liberals since then anyone would conclude that the government runs on borrowed money, and the major reason why it does, is that there are four budget items that are bloated, bi-partisan and therefore untouchable:

Social Security
DHSS (incl. Medicare/Medicaid)
debt interest

In 2012 alone, these top four budget items consumed about 104% of the federal revenue.

We're broke.

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