VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief

VW workers may block southern U.S. deals if no unions: labor chief
Reuters BERLIN Wed Feb 19, 2014

Volkswagen's top labor representative threatened on Wednesday to try to block further investments by the German carmaker in the southern United States if its workers there are not unionized.

Workers at VW's factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, last Friday voted against representation by the United Auto Workers union (UAW), rejecting efforts by VW representatives to set up a German-style works council at the plant.

German workers enjoy considerable influence over company decisions under the legally enshrined "co-determination" principle which is anathema to many politicians in the U.S. who see organized labor as a threat to profits and job growth.

Chattanooga is VW's only factory in the U.S. and one of the company's few in the world without a works council. (MORE) http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/02/19/us-vw-usplant-idUSBREA1I0S8201...

Way to go Corker!!!

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Do American auto workers have an inferiority complex?
VW workers get paid $67 an hour in Germany. They make under $20 in the US. GOP lawmakers want to keep it that way
Do American auto workers have an inferiority complex? Do they suffer from such low self esteem that they believe they should be paid significantly less than their counterparts in other countries who build the same cars for the same company? Would they really prefer to have no say whatsoever in how their companies are run, even when their employers are keen to offer them a seat at the table?

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This is against the natural liberty of employers and investors. This is assuredly and definitively anti-American. All the laws that give unions this sort of power need to be struck from the books. Remember, we're not just a nation of workers and consumers. We're a nation also of employers and investors.

The Workers spoke!

Maybe the vote failed because Ed Schultz didn't go down there?



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