Henry Giroux on 'Zombie' Politics

Henry was a recent guest on Moyers & Company. His ideas are what many of us have been thinking for a long time.

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Henry Giroux on Zombie Politics
November 22, 2013

'Why are Americans not outraged and in the streets?", because of strategic mass programming by TV and other corporate controlled media. Americans are commercialized, reality TV-ed, lied by Rush Limbaughs, Fox News, tempted by cheap flat screen TVs and cell phones they become desensitized to reality. Young people have become numb and accept injustice from our government as a way of life. How sad.

When our society collapses and crime and violence escalates, what will happen to our democracy? I worry about the near future, a dark and dangerous place it is becoming. I see us becoming Mexico where rich run the country and everybody else is dirt poor and lost for hope of a better life.

Then we as a nation will be weaken enough for a foreign aggressive power like China to finally conquer us and we crumple like ancient Rome fell to its enemies.

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