Toledo Mayor Elect Michael Collins blow out win!

Michael Collins 56.53%
Mike Bell 43.47%
Larger then expected turnout 25.4% of registered voters.

Election results:

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"Larger than expected turnout." Would that be based on a prediction by the Jon Stainbrook Board of Elections? LOL!

The turnout was 10% less than the last mayoral election.

We knew Mayor Elect Collins was going to win early on. I worked the phone banks for Collins and we were receiving 70% positives on Collins. Most of the no show voters (i believe) were apathetic because of the lousy Northwest Ohio economy. Mayor Bell had outspent Collins in the campaign but money wasn't the driving force here. So, again get-out-the-vote efforts by local unions beat the SB5 lovin Mayor Bell. Galt I thought you Republicans didn't want voters to vote?
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There were too many negatives about the Bell Administration for him to win. I'm less enthusiastic about our Mayor Elect. The question is, will he actually do something or continue to be a whiner?

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