GOP Ransom!

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The Republicans have made it very clear. America, if you elect anyone other than a White male to the Presidency we will do everything possible to make him fail.

One of the most blatant examples of propaganda spewed forth by the Democratic National organization to date. They even recognize how ill conceived the entire program is, a failure before it even left the folder, and need to attempt scapegoat maneuvers to salvage their weak ego self assessments. The red flags and warnings went out years ago what this horrible experiment would do to the country and it is coming to fruition. From the limousine liberals to the national media they are running for cover like rats from a burning ship, leaving their carnage for the poor and middle class to suffer. Their choice was an inept amateur and the results were predictable. God save the Republic from enemies foreign and domestic.

The Defund Kapturcare Rally on Friday was a complete failure. The whole ill conceived affair drew zero news coverage. Did anyone out there bother to witness this turkey?

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Flip the card over. Pelosi and O'Bama have her on the out. Why bother?

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