Auto Workers Demand Answers from Romney

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Column: Romney's auto mess shows he is not ready

UAW Local 12 Toledo Ohio November 1, 2012

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wasted $6 TRILLION of real American's, hard earned dough. on various vote buying schemes, in 3.75 short years of Fascism.

Over 2,500 Felony Fraud investigations are happening.
Over 502 Felony convictions have been made.

Al Gore-received $2.85 BILLION to fund 14 green energy boondoggles.

The whole $2.85 BILLION is in default !!!

Once again, the well connected D's, steal our tax dollars on folly., enrich themselves and friends/donors/ family/ criminals just like here in D ruined Toledo/Lucas County.

REMEMBER-Vote D- be as stupid as the above liar !

2,800 show up for Obozo, in Ohio.

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