Conservative filmmaker's view of '2016'

Conservative filmmaker's view of '2016'
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Given that the film was co-written and directed by conservative pundit and author Dinesh D'Souza, whose book The Roots of Obama's Rage serves as the template for the documentary, 2016: Obama's America predictably postulates doom and gloom for the United States, with a weakened military, crippling escalating debt, a growing threat by Islamists in the Middle East, and Israel "on its knees."

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We borrow 40 cents in order to spend every federal dollar. Something's going to be weakened from that sort of thing. If it's not going to be the military, it will be Social Security. If not SS, then Medicare. If not that, then the federal agencies. Etc.

And why exactly do I have to give even one shake of a rat's ass about Israel, a.k.a. the Nazi Germany of the Middle East? Don't expect me to care about Israel until it stops destroying Arab homes and shooting Arab children. Don't expect me to care until Gaza stops being the world's largest concentration camp.

I saw the movie and I wouldn't say it was scary, because "scary" is a relative word. I would say it was disturbing. Disturbing that we knew next to nothing about Obama's educational background (his writings, his mentors, the courses he took), his family, where he spent most of his adoloscent years, who he was politically indebted to--and yet he was elected president. Also, disturbing is how the media aided and abetted his political climb by either ignoring or downplaying things such as the radical, anti-American beliefs and teachings of Reverend Wright (a man Obama referred to as "family"), who admitted that he was offered $250,000 from Obama to keep his mouth shut. There was also the freindship that Obama had with Bill Ayers, who bombed the Pentagon in 1972.

Much of the movie is devoted to Obama reading from his Dreams from My Father book. You can't refute his own words coming from his own mouth.

The large group of moviegoers at the screening I was at (the largest I had ever seen at a Fallen Timbers showing) left the theater in stone silence. After you view a well-documented and supported chronicle of what Obama admits to--again, in his own words--as his goals for this country, it makes worrying about candidate tax returns as very pedestrian.

Galt, why would I need to see such a movie? Is there any other fate for the middle class when the government goes on a terminal borrow-and-spend spree like it's the end times of the nation? The 2012 election was determined about a year ago, when the two only possible candidates were already chosen by the elite. Over 95% of the voters will 'choose' one or the other, meaning the executive branch is already lost to the bankers. Wall Street already won the 2012 election.

And that only means the 90% (those outside the rich and the Golden Class (union fucks)) will lose. Those in the 90% will see their taxes go up, wages decline, and utility costs increase. And then in 2014 the federal government will slap another 2.5% tax on you-- Obamacare's unconstitutional "individual mandate"-- based on your AGI; even worse, you'll get no government services for this tax. The middle class is barely able to save about as much as the IRA maximum ($2000); this Obamacare tax will OBLITERATE THAT. And many thousands, faced with no real option, will choose to become lawbreakers; they will refuse to pay the individual mandate, adding greatly to the ranks of people that the government can eventually haul into court for all sorts of punitive actions.

Those who already have insurance won't escape. They'll largely find their rates magically adjusted upward by some invisible hand working in those insurance-company offices. Obamacare will make everyone pay more, not just the poor souls paying that 2.5%.

So why do I need to see this movie, Galt? The future is written. More poor, as a % of the population. A few more rich people. The federal government army of contractors will expand. Etc.

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