Welcome to Plantation America: How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule America

Conservative Southern Values Revived: How a Brutal Strain of American Aristocrats Have Come to Rule America
America didn't used to be run like an old Southern slave plantation, but we're headed that way now. How did that happen? (MORE)

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"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

Historical record !
Gas above $3.25 for 3.5 years running, an American Historical record.
Home values down 43%, another American Historical record.
$19 TRILLION of real Americans, net worth GONE ( POOF !), in 3.5 years of clown Obozo !
More Americans applied for and received Disability Payments last month than gained employment ?!
Foreclosures steam ahead at record paces.
Energy and food inflation skyrocketing !
Obamascare Health Care, expected to cost NOT $800 billion as we were all lied to but, $2.17 TRILLION , in a ten year period !?

And, the author of this stolen piece of psychotic Fascism, is moaning about wealthy folks investments in America ?!
Cold coffee and warm beer has finally burnt your brain into a crisp way beyond any reparation.

GOOD NEWS: Fiat, an Italian company now owns 61.8 % of Fiat- Chrysler...who still owes American tax payers, BILLIONS ?!

I was thinking after the SCOTUS 5-4 decision that stomped all over the Constitution, that I was indeed now on a plantation. Well actually I thought it when the unaffordable dream act (or whatever fake name they gave it is) - was rammed through an elitist (at the time) democrat congress.

My evil Democrat overloads said I MUST buy insurance and thus reward other rich elitists - the insurance giants. And 5 of the Supremes [one in a snit because he wanted only the mandate to be ruled unconstitutional and didn't get his way] said - yes, you plantation slaves WILL buy what the Overseer in Chief says you will buy - or else.

And apparently it is now my slave duty to do what the Overseer says. I am now instructed - in effect - to say "Yes Massa... whatever you say Massa... pwease don't hurt me... I'se gonna give up my food money to enrich yo insurance buddies... pwease don't hurt me, pwease pwease pwease.

You mean THAT plantation, I presume.

I am asking you this with all due respect and with genuine disinterest:
Why is it that so many conservatives oppose the notion of individual responsibility on this issue. And seriously, I'm not trying to start a fight with you, the jarhead (that's a term of endearment Mike), or anyone else.
I don't get why some folks get to go to the ER and not pay anything, while I (and I am presuming you) pick up the bill. My son recently broke his arm as a result of an ill-advised bout with gravity, and wow! Thousands. But I, like most responsible Americans, was covered. Doesn't the ACA at least address the fact that a lot of Americans get their health care at the last minute and at the greatest cost - which is then passed down?
Please advise . . .

a few of which I will address.

But first, I have asked repeatedly since BO-care was foisted on us - with NO answers from liberals... some of the folliowing questions:

Why should people who take care of their health pick up the tab for alcoholics, illegal drug users, overeaters, and people who abuse their bodies in myriad other ways?


Why are the (what was it?) 12 million illegals (most from Mexico) who BO has "excused" going to be able to walk into ER's and get medical attention, without paying? And why will they not be paying? - Because they are illegals - THEY DON'T HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE. And they are the largest group who don't pay ER bills... Non-citizens. Part of the same problem - why do anchor babies - whose parents deliberately snuck into the U.S. to have these babies - get free medical care in perpetuity? I have a relative who works in the largest pediatric clinic in a southern state, and the stories are sickening and beyond belief. Illegals, who get paid good money under the table [meaning they pay no taxes whatsoever] and could afford to pay their children's doctor visits - BUT DO NOT DO SO...

Why is this allowed? My relative says that these illegals have their children in various programs IN FRONT OF AMERICAN CITIZEN BABIES. Like my grand niece who has a horrible degenerative disease. She had to wait in back of the line after some of these anchor babies. Why is THAT allowed?

If you can't explain why ALL of the illegals who get free medical care in this country are not going to have to worry about buying BO-care insurance, If you can't explain why BO & his insurance buddies have a long long list of WAIVERS provided to their political friends - meaning groups who will NOT have to be forced to buy insurance under BO-care - if you can't explain any of those bits of insanity, then you have no defense for BO care.

The foremost false assumption you are making is that American citizens don't pay for their ER visits. Yeah they do - lots of them do. Again - illegals don't - but Obama protects them, while penalizing and oppressing American citizens at every turn. Insurance is not health care - health care is health care. With all due respect in your direction - do you really not get that? Or do you just not want to get it because BO is your candidate and you are a life-long Dem?

I started working full time when I was 19. And have paid my way ever since. Under BO-care I will be required to subsidize a bunch of overgrown babies until they are 26 years old. That's not insurance for these big babies - that's me & others molly-coddling full-grown adults. They can get up off their dead butts and get jobs.

LOL wolfman's posts. They're so funny.

"For most of our history, American economics, culture and politics have been dominated by a New England-based Yankee aristocracy that was rooted in Puritan communitarian values, educated at the Ivies and marinated in an ethic of noblesse oblige (the conviction that those who possess wealth and power are morally bound to use it for the betterment of society)." It goes on to cite FDR, Wilson,Bush SR, and Kennedy as examples. Too bad this part of the "American aristocracy" also arguably produced GWB who was also born and schooled in CT. Yet it argues that Bush was a product of the Southern Aristocracy and the Southern Plantation owners. Laughable.

First they lived in Texas not even a full generation, hardly enough to be an established part of the Southern Aristocracy, and during the Civil War and reconstruction Samuel Prescott Bush (GWB's Great-Grandfather) was born in New Jersey and settled in the Southern Plantation town of....... COLUMBUS OHIO!

I guess my ancestors who were from Central Pennsylvania make me a product of the Southern Plantation Aristocracy, and the Irish-German immigrants on the other side make me a pretender to the Romanov Throne!

Wolfman is proof of what happens when you drink kool-aid.


Plantation America

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.


So are you saying that Rush Limbaugh from Pittsburgh is a part of the Southern Plantation Aristocracy? The Mason Dixon line has moved quite a bit since my history classes. Those surveyors are changing everything I know.

Still loving your sources though. They are the pillar of respected fair minded journalism. It is too bad the Daily Show couldn't comment on this though.


1935 Germany, 1999 Venezuela, etc.
Who would be their most virulent supporter of theirs, after reading only one of their perspective propaganda letters flung out into the streets for all knuckle draggers to fetch & to read.

That, is how simply & instantaneously, you'd become what you are here.

ONE thoroughly DUMB America hating S.O.B.

hating jackass above with the Rush,slander.
Dan Rather, was your favorite mass media liar,I'd bet my life on that !!!

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