Tent City in Ann Arbor Michigan -The New America

Camp Take Notice is a tent community of homeless people living in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Michigan Radio's Mercedes Mejia and Meg Cramer visited the camp just before the first snow fall.

The Poverty Tour - Smiley & West Visits Tent City in Ann Arbor

The new homeless

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I especially like the "homeless" guy who has the fancy tent.

The great thing about the homeless in Ann Arbor is that they all have graduate degrees in art history!

Let me guess, we are to believe that this has nothing to do with 0bama? Still Bush's fault?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

retirees!? The 21,000 Americans, who took the brutal broken end of the bottle,unions demanded from the bailout disaster ?
Is this proof that "green jobs", are a radicals Wet Dream Fantasy ?
Is it possible, that "shovel ready jobs", were also pure fiction from the Liberals ?
These people need to research " Obama money", to locate easy cash somewhere on planet Earth, given away Free ?!

These folks should be Happy...no need to ever buy $60 light bulbs filled with toxic mercury !
Making candles is Triple Fun and great for family bonding !!!

Hope and Change...the absolute worst lie told to sponges by any politician who ever lived.

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