What's the worst thing the Koch brothers have done?


Don't forget they supply WSPD with bogus think tanks to spew endless extreme right wing rhetoric.

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indoctrination machines. Unionized public schools are failing at a 48% rate.
Meaning: edification by unionized public school indoctrinators, just doesn't happen.

UNIONS: cost all American's , an additional $1.2 TRILLION , added to the cost of goods and services, due to unionists slowing down production , theft , and destruction of their employers property .
This happens each and every year.
Add the accounting costs to this inbred genetic unionized behavior and, you can add another $ 457 BILLION, to the cost of goods and services we all purchase.

Now, the BIG QUESTION, is.

How much of American's Household Net Treasure, has been decimated by OweBaMao Bin Lying & the Fascist Demonrats, in three short and very, very, torturous years ?
A) None, we're in BOOM TIMES.
B) 1%, only
C) 2 %, only
D) 3% , only
E) 34%

For the correct answer: one bowl of feral dog chowder at a local communist Chinese owned restaurant.

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