Frum: Fox News Creates an 'Alternative Knowledge System'

Conservative columnist David Frum, who was speechwriter for former President George W. Bush, blasted Fox News on Sunday for creating an "alternative knowledge system."

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from July-September this year by 4% !
Or, $57.4 TRILLION, for you economic imbeciles on the radical left !
This is the sharpest decline since Oct.-Dec. 2008, right after Demonrats, WASTED $ 5 TRILLION, on foreign banks, States ruined by Demonrats, and the most immoral entities on Earth, unions !
And, the above changeling's concern is what a nancy-boy whines about ?

Talk about asymmetrical nonsense. .. you radical job-killing jackasses couldn't hit a bull in the butt with a banjo !

2007-2009, American's net household worth PLUMMETED $17.5 TRILLION, in three torturous 100% Demonrat controlled years of Congress.
So, in the last quarter ( 3 months to you Dimwits) just passed,July-September 2011, American's lost 328% more than in the three years 2007-09 ?!

That, is how FASCISM, works against all of us citizens...even you utterly and completely brain dead Demonrats.
Feelin' any better for your voting pattern ?
Probably not....the walking dead feel nothing !

Conservative columnist David Frum was a speechwriter for former President George W. Bush. I hardly would call him a radical. Your argument is lame. When Obama took office the Bush Great Recession was well under way with a 700,000/month job loss. At least Obama has been able to stabilize the economy without the help of Republicans.

Oh and your WBSPD is just another tool on the Great Extreme Right Wing propaganda machine. They have updates from Rupert Murdoch's Wall Street News and Fox News.

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