Is Rich Iott misrepresenting the truth?

Last night debate Laura Emerson of WUPW's News Dept. produced a FEC Federal Election Commission form of a $500 donation to the RNC by Rich Iott. On the form Rich Iott states his occupation as "soldier". When confronted Rich had no explanation he admitted he was not a veteran and not employed as a soldier.

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And your point being..........?

I won't presume to know exactly what Wolfman's point is. But seriously, if a Liberal candidate were running for office and embellishing (or in this case - completely fabricating) his/her military record, you Righties would flip the hell out!
I mean John Kerry goes to Vietnam and wins awards and you folks wanted to crawl up his ass to see if he was lying. But Iott calls himself a Colonel, A Colonel! Do you know how high ranking that is? And you righties accept it without question.
If he were really a Col, what did he do in Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Iraq the first time, Somalia - something, somewhere? Wouldn't any candidate running for office offer some details about his military record?
But Iott doesn't have a military record. And that is fine, he doesn't need one to prove to me or anyone else what kind of Congressman he could be. But when he uses the title in a campaign ad - well, the point is integrity.

Nazi Re-enactor

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