Official: State Farm warned NHTSA on Toyota in '07

Official: State Farm warned NHTSA on Toyota in '07
Nick Carey
Mon Feb 8, 2010 5:42pm EST
DETROIT (Reuters) - Private insurer State Farm informed a government regulator of a worrying trend of vehicle-caused accidents involving Toyota Motor Corp as far back as late 2007, an official at the company said.
"When you start to see significant claims activity that indicates that there may be widespread problems with a product, that's when you go to the NHTSA," said company spokesman Kip Diggs. "There had to have been significant activity, a noticeable trend, for that to happen."

Bloomington, Illinois-based State Farm is America's largest auto insurer, with 42.4 million auto insurance policies. That gives it a U.S. market share of roughly 18 percent, according to industry trade association the Insurance Information Institute.

Diggs said the company contacted the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in "late 2007" and had been in touch with the regulator an unspecified number of times since then. (MORE)

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