Waxman: Toyota Told Us Gas Pedals Were Not the Problem

In Strongly Worded Letter, Reps. Waxman and Stupak Suggest That in Private Toyota Execs Are Telling A Different Story About the Causes of Runaway Toyotas
Two congressmen issued a strong statement Tuesday afternoon suggesting that recent statements by Toyota's top U.S. executive to the public about the causes of random acceleration were misleading, and that in private Toyota officials had said that sticky gas pedals were not the cause of the most serious acceleration incidents.

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The toyota scandal arising from sudden acceleration is only just beginning. When I listened to Lentz and his colleagues indicate they have this problem fully identified and fixed, I just cringe. Such confidence. Such certainty. Such false rhetoric. The facts do not align with their statements. Far too many of the serious acceleration problems with Toyotas have been massive acceleration incidents leaving the drivers with no ability to stop the car with brakes or turning off the moving vehicle. These are catastrophic events. These massive malfunction events are not explained with sticky pedal or floor mat rationalizations. Deep down Toyota officials know this. We especially know they know because they never, never discuss this in email or in written communications that are not vetted by lawyers. With lawyers circling we know that truth is harder to discern. Unless Toyota comes clean on this problem very soon their market position and reputation in America will collapse under a wave of scandal. This will be very unfortunate because the Big 3 (little 3 now) will not be pressured to deliver quality products to the world market unless they are challenged by a powerhouse like Toyota. Without Toyota we will all suffer over the long term. Lets hope Toyota officials wake up soon before its too late. As of today they are still very early into this nightmare.
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theorderofthewhiterose 6:22 PM

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