Trimming the Budget on Clinics

The Toledo-Lucas County Health Department, in hopes to save and make more money, is hoping to trim part of the budget by at least $633,000 by raising rates in clinics and shifting people around hoping to not have to lay anyone off.

They are going to do this by first not cutting any services in health care but by slightly raising prices such as the sexually transmitted disease clinic, adult medical visits, and travel immunizations -- and is considering scaling back clinic hours. According to Dr. David Grossman, health commissioner.

Becoming more efficient both in billing Medicaid and delivering services is a priority for the health department, he said.

"We have to somehow see more people and still give them the same level of service," Dr. Grossman said.

This month, fees for the STD clinic are going to be raised from $20 to $30, adult visits will now cost $20 instead being free, travel immunizations now cost $30, tuberculosis testing was increased to $20 from $10, birth control will cost $5 a month instead of being free, and patients with insurance coverage will be charged medication co-pays of up to $10.

There are other places to get treated and tested for many different types of health issues and low cost rates or even free that you can find here but the health department is going to do what they can to make sure that everyone who needs treatment will get it.

"We really are looking at keeping all the clinics open and moving people around," Dr. Grossman said.

Another program that won't be cut but will be more controlled is in sectors like the school nurse program where the health department will try and have nurses vacations coincide with school vacations saving money in additional salaries from having to hire other part time nurses or pull them from other health services that are needed.

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