Ming Chin -- California Supreme Court Associate Justice -- Abruptly Quits Controversial Entity Amid Probe

Supreme Court of California Associate Justice Ming W. Chin abruptly quit his position with the Center for Asian Americans United for Self Empowerment. The resignation took place amidst an ongoing investigation by the California Commission on Judicial Performance.

Hon. Ming W. Chin

A formal ethics complaint filed with the California Commission on Judicial Performance alleged that Chin's involvement with CAUSE is prohibitive due to CAUSE's invidious discrimination against those who are non Asian-American. The complaint further alleged that the associate justice must be disciplined due to CAUSE involvement in the political-process, conduct that Chin is otherwise prohibited in engaging in pursuant to Canon 5.

In Addition, Justice Chin's clandestine nature and undisclosed involvement was particularly troubling based on facts as they relate to Mr. James Hsu -- CAUSE's treasurer as well as a board member of a (now defunct) sham charitable entity known as CaliforniaALL -- as matters relating to sham charity CaliforniaALL would soon be considered by the California Supreme Court.

According to the complaint, records were sought pertaining to CaliforniaALL from the California Bar Foundation as well as from the State Bar of California to no avail. As such, and based on the blatant refusal to produce these records, a petition for relief will shortly be filed with the California Supreme Court seeking an order to compel the State Bar and its Foundation to make these public records available.

The complaint further alleges that without the "fortuitous discovery " by the Petitioner, he would not have known that Justice Chin and Hsu are involved with CAUSE as to seek the recusal of Justice Chin in matters relating to CaliforniaALL.

Similarly, the complaint alludes to a State Bar of California petition in the matter of Sander vs. State Bar of California which is currently pending before the California Supreme Court. In that case, the State Bar seeks review of a decision that established a common law right of access to data concerning minorities which the State Bar possesses.

Hence, the complaint alleged, there is an impression that Justice Chin may exercise his power in such a way which would benefit minorities, much like his involvement with CAUSE conclusively establishes that he stands united with APIA and otherwise wishes self-improvement for APIA more so than he does for the population as a whole.

Subsequent to the filing of the complaint, CAUSE quickly removed Justice Chin's name from its rolls for 2011 and 2010, retroactively. See CAUSE 2010 roll. In contrast, see TLR's own records, which clearly show that Justice Chin was a member of CAUSE's Advisory Council in 2010.

CAUSE's legal counsel, Mr. Victor King, has confirmed the resignation, which went into effect shortly after the complaint was filed. See below.


This latest development comes in the aftermath of revelations of numerous scandals involving the California Supreme Court and the State Bar of California. Most notable among these is the forced departure of Executive Director Judy Johnson and her secret control of CCPF ; the bribery of Judge Patrice McElroy; the "friendship" between Ronald George and Thomas Girardi; Judge Lucy Armendariz/Antonio Villaraigosa Connection; as well as State Bar cover-up of Howard Rice's Jerome Falk deceitful actions as special prosecutor on behalf of the State Bar against two of his and his firm's clients (Thomas Girardi and Walter Lack) as part of a scheme to exploit his authority as special prosecutor for financial gain.

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