Daily Mail: California told to Prepare for Biblical ‘ARkStorm’

According to the front page of today's Daily Mail, a biblical "Arkstorm" is about to hit California --walls of water 10ft high, rain falling in feet instead of inches, and nine million people’s homes flooded during a hurricane-like megastorm that could last more than month.


What a strange headline, I wondered while dialing the phone and searching for clues on the online edition of the Los Angeles Times. Not much there as far as bible, ark, Noah, or storm. Those who I spoke to were also clueless and assured me that nothing is out of the ordinary in California.

At least according to the Daily Mail, an Arkstorm -- so named after the boat Noah used to escape the flood in the Bible -- The capped-up 'A' and 'R' stand for 'atmospheric river'.

The every-other-century event last happened in 1861 and left the central valley of California impassable.

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ENOUGH about california - no one cares. We hope it seperates off the US and is consumed by the pacific.

This site is supposed to be about nw Ohio. Occasional national stories are okay, but cool it would ya.

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