California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno to Step Down as He Urges the Governor to Replace him with a "Latino"

California Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno has announded today that he will step down from the bench at the end of Febrauary, 2011.

In a statment to the press, Moreno, 62, stated that "the time was ripe" for him to "seek a new direction."

Additionaly, Moreno, in a written statment stated:

"It has been a truly unique honor and privilege to have served the people of California as a judge for over 24 years and, together with my great colleagues on the court, to have played a modest role in shaping California jurisprudence."

According to San Jose Mercury News Moreno said he would urge California Governor Jerry Brown to replace him with a Latino.

"If he asks for my opinion, I think he should do whatever he can that a Latino replaces me on the court"

TLR's confidential sources in California maintain potential replacemnts include Michael Nava, Judy Johnson, and Martin Jenkins.

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What a moron. His job was not to shape Califorina jurisprudence, he was to follow the laws on the books, not make them up.


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