Spring is Coming!

Forget about the groundhog. The first sign to me that spring is around the corner is when I can have my first chili dog at Nettie's. I might not have been first in line yesterday, but I was close.

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Not a bad chili dog, but not my favorite. The best coney island or chili dog within driving distance is still American Coney Island on West Lafayette in downtown Detroit. Great fries, too, and an excellent place to get a quick meal after a concert or sporting event.

In the days of my misspent youth, A.C.I. was the ultimate sobering up point after the bars closed. You would waddle over from a dump like the State Bar (the one that used to be in the Lafayette Building, not the new one by Comerica Park), and you would then spend an hour or two eating coneys and rubbing elbows with smelly homeless dudes cadging you for a quarter or two.

Netty's at Sylvania and Monroe is the bomb.

There's a lot to be said about sitting on those benches and eating 5 dogs smothered in cheese and chili and having a milk shake while watching the traffic.

Looking forward to it warming up sometime in June!

Gonna finally turn my wife onto some tasty treats and the old hangouts


me hungry. I am a little disappointed they sold off the Netty's on Sylvania near Bellevue.

You will be able to enjoy chili dogs all year round. since there will be no reason for seasonal closings.


AMERICAN CONEY ISLAND!! YEAH!! Boy, THERE'S a blast from the past. I'd totally forgotten about it. Thanks, Mike! ;^)


'I used to have compassion, but they taxed it and legislated it out of existence.'

I used to love Netty's chili dogs but last summer it seemed like they had changed something in the sauce and they didn't taste the same at all.
I was very disappointed.

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