Common Law Grand Jury

"Custom and usage since time immemorial" is generally what is behind the definition of common law. There is no singular source of the common law as one would expect with statutes made by a legislature. Common law is administered through courts of record. Courts not of record are called Nisi Prius courts. For detailed explanation of what differentiates these two court systems go to---- Examples of Nisi Prius courts are tax court, traffic court, family court, juvenile court because these courts are legislatively created courts, not constitutional courts having administrators and not judges and the only way these courts can proceed is if you consent to their process. Courts of record on the other hand are administered pursuant common law and common law dictates "due process of law" which is guaranteed to us in the 5th amendment in the Bill of Rights. We have been conditioned by a corrupt legal (there is a big difference between lawful and legal) system for all our lives and we have been forced to live under the jurisdiction of Admiralty Law which is the law that governs over water, where our national constitution has been declared "supreme law of the land". Our state and national constitutions function pursuant to common law.

Common law grand juries (grand or petite) sitting in courts of record (common law courts) can bring due process and righteousness back into our legal system. It is our choice to decide which court system we want to live with.
Everything I have said can be proven, is not just my opinion

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