With houses underwater... has anyone else had a hard time switching house ins. companies?

Our house insurance went up again.. and this is before I add on the lovely flood insurance I have to carry. So I started calling around to get rates but the three companies I put our info online said that they would not write a policy due to replacement costs being so much higher than the homes value. So very frustrated right now.

Tell me agin why I live in Toledo......

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I actually just got my insurance rates cut in half and so did my parents, and my deductible is better than my previous insurance too.

A guy I went to high school with got me the rates, he's an insurance broker who doesn't work for companies like Allstate and the rest.

Andrew Kistner
BCA Insurance Group
Ph: 419-931-0742

Don't really wana spam your post, but figured I would pass along where I got a deal at.

We went from $1015 to less than $650. What a difference. Andrew was great and very professional!

i have passed his name along already. So glad I posted here.


glad I could pass his name along.

I was juiced when he saved me a ton, and a lot of people are getting taken for a ride on insurance.

looking forward to the response.

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