Was it a UFO?

I was outside around 9:00 p.m. tonight star gazing when I observed a very bright light crossing the sky from west to east. I thought maybe it was a satellite but it appeared brighter and larger then satellite sightings I have observed in the past. There were no blinking lights an airplane would display and the orbit was much too high.


So I got to thinking maybe it was a UFO or the Space Shuttle. So I went to a NASA tracking site and discovered that what I observed was most likely the ISS. Here is the tracking information from NASA. I have outlined the sighting I most likely observed in RED

I know this isn't important in the Grand Scheme of things but it was pretty neat none the less! Just thought I would share with you.

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...it's really cool to watch that website and then see if you can see the space station. My hubby actually puts the best possible sighting dates/times on his calendar so he doesn't miss it.

Alas, he will be disappointed that we missed it last night, but perhaps his Guinness at the Blarney made up for it...lol!

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