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Obama camp blasts New Yorker cover depicting candidate in Muslim-style outfit fist-bumping gun-toting radical wife ...

Parody or Fear Mongering?

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portrait above the fire place.

p>- Just the KAT, thinking out loud again.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

Atrios says it better then I can...

New Yorker 

Since it's the controversy of the day, let me make my views more clear. It obviously was an attempt at satire, but it fails. It represents the basic stuff that you get from the Right about Obama, but it neither mocks nor exaggerates them. It's a sad state of affairs that conservatives are hard to satirize or parody because they're so insane, but that's where we are. The only context is that it's on the cover of the New Yorker and Everybody Knows That They're Good Liberals So It's Satire. But, look, whatever the merits of the New Yorker it's more "elite chattering classes of New York" than "good liberal." Not quite the same thing, even if there's some overlap.

Had the Sadlynaughts created that cover it could've been funny because they have a long history of mocking right wing lunacy, though had they created something like that it would have been much more over the top because the lunatic right is much more over the top about Obama.

The New Yorker cover could have worked if had made more clear who it was satirizing (Fox news, the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh, whatever), or by being clever enough to provide the actual funny. As it is it's just a reflection of the Right's view of Obama, but there's nothing clever or funny about it. The cartoon could run as is on the cover of the National Review, also meaning to be "funny" but with a different target.

All of this doesn't make the New Yorker public enemy #1, just makes them idiots of the week.

...and the Doughy Pantload says: What I find interesting about the New Yorker cover is that it's almost exactly the sort of cover you could expect to find on the front of National Review.

If its Obama with this cover its failed satire. If it were Bush in a similar depiction, lets say shaking hands with arab oil guys or something...then, all the liberals would consider it a brilliant piece of work.

I'm with Kooz on this one. In fact you see that kind of Bush bashing in the Toledo Blabe all the time.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Wow –such a small statement can provide a lot of insight into such an ignorant mind.

 First you don’t have to depict Bush shaking hands with an “arab oil guy”, you can go to real photos of him holding hands and kissing him… .


Bush and his prom date


Second, the New Yorker’s piece was a much failed attempt at satire. It encompasses all the ignorant and stupid stereo types the right wingers have been pushing and believing since Obama began his run for office.

It would have been much funnier coming from a right-wing magazine, because that's how they think. Coming from the New Yorker, it's just stupid.

Pink Slip

Standing in the oval office doing the fist pump. What the picture needs now is a good caption.

Let's BLOW the roof off the Mother sucker !!!


Oh its ON now !!!


Whats my name now........ BITCH !!!

I vote for Let's blow the roof off the Mother sucker!

Sensor G...I find it amazing that you make a comment on every single post ever put on this site. How can someone have an opinion about everything? Take a break fella. Also, There are tons of of publications that have put out cartoons of Bush that one could consider false and/or offensive. But, nobody says anything. It's obvious that anything that puts your personal savior Barak Obama in a bad going to tick you off.

First you have no idea what your talking about...ever.

This will be my 10th post this month. Hardly "a comment on every single post"

Also my "personal savior"? I just heard Rush using the same language today. It's amazing how fast the mindless ditto heads parrot their leaders. It must be so easy to have others think for you.

For the record, Obama was my 3rd chose. He wasn't liberal enough for my liking. Now that he has the nomination however, he'll get my vote and my cash.

How about the guest list for the Lincoln bedroom? Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Young Jeezy, Kanye West, and.... FLAVOR FLAV!!!!!

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