The Toledo Blade IS communist-big time!

The Toledo Blade is SOCIALIST,not quite COMMUNIST,close though.Proof is ample! They crybabied when Champion Spark Plug, was looking for incentives to stay in Toledo.NONE was offered.!!! So,to earn an extra $9 million a year in lower taxes,lower electric rates,lower health care costs,etc., they moved to Iowa! After hundreds of other companies left to save themselves from tax and waste jackasses,Toledo Demonrats finally,offered H.R.C. something to stay! Only after 26 years do the Toledo Blade socialists figure out that ,businesses are NOT leaving for Mexico or China,they are moving to Iowa,Perrysburg,Delta,Leipsic,Findlay,etc.They are so stupid economically,they cannot even run a newspaper without suffering huge declines in readership and, have investment bonds worth somewhere above a bucket of spit and,just below JUNK status!It is a good thing their DADDY left them some money because without it,they would be working at Speedway.

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So if you don't like the Blade, just don't read it eh?

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Pink Slip

...isn't that Socialism? I get the Blade, but I often look at the "free" site that is posted. I have quit a lot of periodicals because I can get the information for free on the Internet. I am shameless in this. Why would I pay for anything I can get for free? I pay for DSL because I want to get the free stuff faster. So I think that Socialism is probably a good thing.

Old South End Broadway

It's a piece of fairly well known but unofficial local knowledge that the Blade (i.e. the Blockade) hasn't run a profit since the 1980s. The Blockheads running it can't be counted on as credible Capitalists, hence their view on economic philosophy can be equally discredited.

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