This is one of the smartest books of the decade!

This is one of the smartest books of the decade! It is thoughtful, entertaining and enlightening. Written by an investment industry “insider”, the author reveals industry weaknesses and hidden secrets,-notably how they pile on fee after fee, effectively lowering investor’s returns by up to 80%. I can warmly recommend this book to any person interested in improving the return on his or her investment portfolio performance. Kneisley’s thoughts are in line with academic research. I am not aware of any finance professor entrusting their money to ‘actively managed’ funds rather than the recommended ‘passive’ investments.

- Professor Juergen Huber, department of banking and finance, Innsbruck University School of Management, University of Innsbruck, AUSTRIA.

Investor's Ally

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Good luck, Bob. It is a tough market for selling anything right now, but I imagine trying to hawk a financial wealth-building book is going to be an especially tough sell when people are belt-tightening.

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