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I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. We have received many wonderful comments about the recent Toledo Free Press article. We are currently working on scheduling different events with retirement homes. The idea is not to just interview veterans, but to help the community as well.

We are trying to find funding, so we can save our history everyday. We currently interview veterans as our free time allows. We really need local support, because everything starts at home.

Anyone who can help, or spread the word would be greatly appreciated.

"Our goal and purpose of this website is to ensure that history will never again be forgotten and lost for future generations. We want to take our past and pass the knowledge on to future generations.

We feel that many veterans are forgotten, not to mention their stories. We want the world to know the hardships the United States has suffered in order to guard us from foreign evils. We simply overlook our freedom in this country, and the sacrifices so many men and women have given us.

We hope people come to this site and leave feeling proud to be an American. That everyday on this site is a dedication to veterans. One day a year will never be enough to thank those who served, and will never be enough to remember those who gave it all."

We support our troops, Past and present.


Chris Wulf


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