Raising Fears, Raising Taxes: Let's raise hell

I posted this at Helenwheales.com, the other day> I've not ventured into the Swamp much lately, so I decided to try this blog feature and cross--post here.

When Toledo Mayor Carty Finkbeiner yesterday was criticized for witholding the run-down of Police Department layoffs, he explained, “The last thing that I think that anybody responsible should do in the city of Toledo is raise the fears of our citizens.”

So, why was fear the first thing that he, Toledo City Council, and the Toledo Blade turned to when the 3/4% income tax was up for renewal in 2008?

From a Feb 25, 2008 Toledo Blade newstory:


rly a third of the uniformed people who patrol
the streets of Toledo, investigate murders, pick up trash, and put out
fires could be off the job if the 0.75 percent income tax on the ballot
next week is ultimately defeated, city leaders have warned.”

The Toledo Blade editorial team joined in, warning just a day before the election that Toledo voters would be making a “grave mistake that could irreparably damage this city, ” if the levy went down in defeat, said,

"Defeat of the surcharge would require laying off 735 city employees, 40 percent of the total workforce, including 456 police officers and firefighters from safety forces that total 1,146. It is no exaggeration to point out that such cuts would severely delay police and fire response to crime, fires, and other emergencies. With 200 officers on layoff, the police department would have to close two district stations, two substations, and six neighborhood offices. Police no longer would be deployed in public school buildings, and they wouldn’t be able to respond to noninjury traffic accidents."
And then they go for the jugular:

“The threat of crime becomes all the more likely when carjackers, robbers, and burglars know fewer police are on the streets. A minor home or business fire can become major the longer it takes firefighters to respond to an alarm.

Then-councilwoman Edna Brown said that should the tax renewal fail, she would “fireproof her home,” and wouldn’t drive anywhere in Toledo, conjuring up a picture of a lawless city.

A year and a half later, with .75 percent of our income in hand, the city makes generous gashes to safety and fire resources anyway. And, they are looking for more ways that they can bleed us to support their irresponsible management and inability to prepare for an economic crisis. Fear is no longer a tactic, but a state of mind wrought by the actions of those who promised that all would be well if we continued to pay.

Think The Godfather II: Don Fanucci, the blackhander, forces the merchants of Little Italy to pay protection money. Even Fanucci, who we couldn’t wait to see offed, didn’t renege.

In that same Feb. 25, 2008 news conference mentioned above, the mayor said, “I hope and pray that thoughtful people will realize that there is no evidence the city of Toledo has in any way taken taxpayers’ dollars and irresponsibly spent [them].”

We have our evidence now that 150 police officers will likely be laid off, the gang task force will being eliminated, and the vice squad will face cuts.

Fear was used to keep the income stream flowing, and now that Carty can’t use fear as leverage–as a tool to get what he wants–he’ll claim it’s not “responsible” to release information to us directly related to the quality of life in the city.

It’s time the citizens of Toledo raised some fear–and a little hell–of their own.

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that the levy passed and promises were made. The situation is entirely different now than it was a year ago, Everybody is laying off, private, state, federal employers, we are in a depression. We are in a trickle down effect.

Everything is going to have to be cut. The police and fireman are just a part of the larger picture. Raising hell is not going to accomplish anything but more chaos.

What kind of hell are you suggesting that people raise?
What do you hope to accomplish? I think that it is irresponsible to suggest that people raise hell, when that then exacerbates the situation.

Raising hell is not going to change or help the economy.

I have to laugh when I hear statements like this. "we are in a depression". Because I just don't feel it.

But then again I've spent the better part of the last 2 years paying off all my debt and am now almost debt free and if I were willing to go without a savings I would be debt free.

Likewise I am now living in a state that has hit it's highest unemployment rate ever (11.2%) yet it took my wife a little over a month to find a job after the relocation.


Carty has got everybody screwed up.

but according to my catechism classes I was taught that we are born with free will and intellect.. While I have experienced other religions since those days I do believe that no one can make me think, act or do stupid.

Carty has not screwed up the economy in Toledo, To make that supposition you would then have to believe that Carty screwed up Monroe, Sylvania, Maumee, Rossford and the rest of the country.

I am no Carty fan by any means but he can't be blamed for the turn in the economy. I don't even know if Bush can be blamed entirely but I do believe that someone should have seen this coming 5 years ago.

We are on uncharted territory and "raising hell" is not the answer IMHO.

Bingo! This man has a clue! I agree with purnhrt Carty didn't screw up the whole country. We are in uncharted waters. Layoffs now hitting the University of Toledo. I was in Detroit today around the casinos homeless people everywhere...truly shocking! What the Wall Street oligarchy has done to this country is truly criminal with the banking theft and these one-sided trade deals have gutted first the middle class lifestyle here in the Midwest then across America. Now the economic pain is moving up the food chain reaching those who thought they were immune. What will happen in the next few months with GM and Chrysler will be life changing for many here in Toledo.

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

around Wolf......The investment business must not be hurting you. Give Carty a message from the citizens of Toledo.....THANKS FOR DESTOYING OUR CITY WITH UNION CONTRACTS AND DRIVING BUSINESS OUT.

Thank You

I clearly recall FedEx being a majorly responsible taxpaying entity that was pretty much forced out by Carelton.

From the Toledo Blade, December 16, 2008

"Mr. Sobczak, chairman of the economic development committee, defended the city's emphasis on infrastructure and said the city is trying to emphasize its strength in manufacturing skill.


He also defended Mayor Finkbeiner's emphasis on amenities such as flowers and bike paths that he said appeal to younger people.


"Some people think that's frivolous and don't care. Those are the same people who have probably given up on Toledo," Mr. Sobczak said. "You're right - if we don't attract that age group of citizens, this city will go by the wayside.""


Looks like Toledo, specifically Toledo's leaders, should have been paying cops instead of spending money on flowers and bike paths.

Bush and even Ted Strickland had nothing to do with those stupid decisions.

Don't blame me,
I didn't vote for a

Carty has not screwed up the economy in Toledo, To make that supposition you would then have to believe that Carty screwed up Monroe, Sylvania, Maumee, Rossford and the rest of the country.

Go ask the man on the street - if he could sell his home, would he rather live in Monroe, Sylvania, Maumee, Rossford or somewhere else in the country, or Toledo...

And THIS quote, coming from you is hilarious:

"raising hell" is not the answer IMHO.

But how can they make cuts on services that are specifically outlined in the city charter and continue to fund things that arent?

there you go being silly again. What do you suggest we do to raise hell because of the economy going south.
It is not Carty's fault. Of course if you ask the man or woman on the street would they rather live in Toledo, Maumee, Sylvania, Rossford or Monroe, I am sure that Carty being mayor of Toledo would play into their answer. However, taking into consideration that we are in a depression and all sectors are laying off employees, the question may be answered in an entirely different way, with a different perspective.

All cities great and small are downsizing their police departments, fire departments and schools. It is inevitable given the state of the economy.

As far as "raising hell," again I ask what type of "raising hell" are we talking about.? Do you mean burning down houses (arson) so that more firemen will be needed? Do you mean creating a situation where there will be more police needed? Such as putting on the news that Carty intends to lay off prosecutors therefore all of the "criminals" will be let out of jail.

Think Billy, don't just be silly,

"All cities great and small are downsizing their police departments, fire departments and schools."

This is a totally inaccurate statement. A check using any employment search website (monster,hotjobs) will show that dozens if not hundreds of police departments are hiring officers. I don’t hear of Cleveland, Detroit, Columbus or Cincinnati laying off safety forces and as reported in the blade today those cities have more officers per 1000 residents than Toledo does.

As far as "raising hell," again I ask what type of "raising hell" are we talking about.? Do you mean burning down houses (arson) so that more firemen will be needed? Do you mean creating a situation where there will be more police needed? Such as putting on the news that Carty intends to lay off prosecutors therefore all of the "criminals" will be let out of jail.

No Twyla, those are NOT the things that come to my mind when I say raise hell - funny how those things come to your mind so quickly and the other types of legal peaceable ways of not just putting your head in the sand elude you.

Maybe if you cant tell the difference you should just stay home and try sitting down and shutting up and maybe you wont need to worry about which "criminals" are sent to jail. And who to blame for it other than yourself.

What kind of hell raising do I mean? I mean, that if you dont like the way things are going and your councilman doesnt know about it, you've not raised enough hell. If you havent been to council meetings and the public meetings where these people are open to be asked publicly the tough questions, then you're not doing enough.

And yes, Ive been there, and yes, my councilman knows me by sight and by name, and we're friendly - and though I think they should all step down, there are also several current at large councilmen who also know me and what I think they should be doing.

Ive given up on the mayor, but trust me, he's heard my voice on a number of occasions, and unlike you , Pure Hate - Ive voiced my opinions in many many meetings, on postings, and in editorials, and have never once been kicked out or asked to leave. How 'bout you? I understand you've been given the boot any number of times. I understand why too.

you Silly, you know nothing about me except what you may have read or what somebody may have told you, which may not necessarily be the truth.

You can always revise history if you only know what you have been told. Do your homework, before making silly statements.

Here you come with your 'revisionist historian' accusations. No problem, Thuggie Mamma - Im in good company.

Feel free to point out specifically what I said that was incorrect.

I should not have said "all" of anything is true. I should have said "Cities great and small all across the country are laying off police, firemen and school staff.

My point is, most cities are taking drastic steps to meet their budgets in this economic crisis. A lot of the cities are cutting back hours. Toledo's police wouldn't consider cutting back hours because of contract constraints.

I was in Detroit last weekend and it was pretty bleak. The Fox Theatre was only about 1/3 full during the showing of "The Color Purple." I can't imagine there being any hiring going on. Traffic was very light and not much was opened.

I'm not going to do your homework for you. It's not hard if you want to find the truth, but if you just want to call names, feel free. Birds of a feather do flock together.
Truth is real and can't be revised.

Truth is real and can't be revised.

What is true?
Truth refers to a statement that reflects reality. Reality is what exists outside our intellect and independently of it. Truth exists within our intellect inasmuch as we refer to what really exists. Otherwise we either lie or are mistaken. Knowledge is dependent on the belief that the world is knowable. That belief is a priori, antecedent and effective of any further knowledge and science.

If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth. ~Japanese Proverb

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