Stikii Spelling Bee

When our product was in its infancy, when it was just merely an idea/sketch, one of the first concrete things we were able to do to solidify our product was to give it a NAME. We chose the name STIKII for our product, because it was unique in both the spelling and the concept. The brand name of “Stikii” is spelled differently than its mother word “sticky”, which can be tied to the idea that our product is a “different kind of shoe”. A shoe that is so original, that it just begged for a one-of-a-kind name. Not to mention the fact that our STIK-EM accessories creatively “stick” to the outside of the shoe. After much brainstorming, founder Joe Chew came up with the idea of combining the microfiber stik concept with the word “sticky” and voila! Stikii shoes were born!

The spelling of Stiky is one of our secret weapons, actually. According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is defined as a “name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that identifies one seller’s good or service as distinct from those of another seller”. We think that Stikii does just that, not just in its name but through the entire product! How many shoes come with Stick-em accessories? Is the shape of the shoe not distinct in itself? What about our logo with its bubbly, bright colored font and text? Branding GENIUS!

We knew when we came up with such an awesome product name that people may have some difficulty spelling Stickee. It is not a word used in your everyday vocabulary, and its two “i”s make it appear just a little bit off. So, naturally, Stikki has appeared more than once in news articles, web searches, reports and more, under the wrong spelling. The same goes for our Stick-um accessories.

We know that our loyal fans and customers would never dream of spelling Sticki wrong, right? But for those who stumble upon our product unknowingly, spelling mistakes are almost expected! It’s bad enough when our vendors can’t spell our name – for example, Glass City HVAC spelled our name wrong on an invoice:

Another common instance when our product name is misspelled is when interested consumers attempt to do a Google search for Stikii. Upon typing Sticky Shoes into the search engine, fortunately we still rank on Google even with the misspelled name – thank you Google for your ultimate search power!

However, it is much easier to find us, fans, when you spell our name correctly! An interesting fact: there have been approximately 17 million hits for Sticky Shoes, and only 22 thousand for Stikii Shoes (the correct spelling).

So why don’t we buy the term STICKY you ask (in place of Stikii)? You better believe that we looked into it! Unfortunately, this was a bit over our budget, and we just don’t think it has the same “pizzazz” as Stikii does.

Channel 13 ABC news actually misspelled Stikey TWICE in the same minute of video. See the screen shot below if you think we are fibbing. While we love 13 ABC for doing a story about Stikii, we knew when the media spelled our brand name incorrectly that we had to step in.

So here is the deal. We want everyone to be able to spell Stickey correctly, for once and for all! After putting on our thinking caps, we came up with a fantastic idea (at least we think so). Why not develop a set of flashcards for spelling Stikii, Stik-ems, and Chew Bear (not Choo Bear, Chewy Bear, etc.)?

**Just for fun: Stikii and Stik-em are misspelled 11 times in this blog! Can you find them all? Click HERE to see the answers.

A true brand is a NEW name in a NEW category.

Kleenex versus facial tissue

Xerox versos photo copy

Tide versus laundry detergent

Stikii versus boring shoes!!

We think that the spelling of our product will help the name to STIK in the minds of consumers everywhere. Happy spelling!

Thanks to Morgan Jo, Stikii Blogger'

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