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With the fluctuation of the job market it can be quite difficult to find just one job that will provide for a whole family. There are many people who have to work two or three jobs just to cover the necessities of a family, which can be frustrating and takes valuable time away from the family. While there are options for people in this situation, they are difficult to find. Luckily there are companies out there who understand these situations, and have come up with creative ways for people to earn money while still getting to spend quality time with those they love.

Getting paid to spend time with family

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get paid just to spend time with those you love? Well, this is actually an option. According to Chron, there are several companies who are willing to pay people to advertise for them by placing car wrap advertisements on their personal vehicles. Car wrap advertising is a great part-time job for those who need extra money and do not want to spend all of their time away from their family to get it. Car wrap advertising is simple. The qualifications for an advertiser are they must have a valid driver’s license, a vehicle, and places to drive on a daily basis. The best part about car wrap advertising jobs is that there are middleman advertising agencies such as WrapMatch who are willing to do the tedious work like find companies who need advertisers. WrapMatch even takes car of the car wrapping essentially leaving as little work as possible for both the advertisers and the companies. People do not make millions by car wrap advertising, but it is a great way to earn extra cash. Some people even make up to $500 a month! So instead of spending all of your time away from home just to put food on the table, consider car wrap advertising as one way to feed and spend time with the family!

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I'm taking my car in tomorrow to be wrapped in advertising for a major condom manufacturer.

Patience is a great virtue.

"necessities of a family"

Hold on; these are NOT necessities:

- Multiple car payments.
- Huge mortgage to live in a White area.
- Private school so your kids won't have Black classmates.
- Eating out frequently.
- Health insurance.

Here's a message for Americans: Stop spending like you're rich. You're not rich. You'll never be rich.

This message brought to you by:

Reality®... it's true regardless what you think.

I would never include health insurance as something that is NOT a necessity! I do also take exception with your labeling of those who pay a "huge mortgage to live in a White area," and who send their children to private schools do so, ..."so your kids won't have Black classmates." SOME people are doing these things for racial reasons, there is no doubt. But others are in the hope that their decisions will give their children a better chance at success in their futures. To me, it's more "class" discrimination than it is racial discrimination which is at the heart of their actions in this regard. I know very few people of wealth. Those whom I do know have no problem whatsoever with having their children live in a neighborhood and/or attend a school with the children of African-American professionals and/or successful business people. I've known a LOT of parents of school-aged children. For the overwhelming majority, their first concern is their child's safety. Next, they are concerned with their child's matriculation as it affects their child's future. Racial considerations are far down the list for MOST.

The multiple car payments on new, luxury cars and/or SUVs are NOT necessities, especially if these vehicles are gas-guzzlers. Having a car is a necessity for most, but it does NOT have to be new and/or "impressive."
A huge mortgage is NOT a necessity.
Private school is NOT a necessity.
Eating out frequently is NOT a necessity.
PREMIUM cable TV is NOT a necessity.
The latest, PREMIUM cell phone, and/or I-pad or the equivalent, is NOT a necessity.

Generally, you're on the right track, but, as usual you overstate and/or misstate the situation. Your extreme negativity doesn't help your cause, either. By presenting your information as you do, in such an accusatory and negative manner, your message that too many Americans live unnecessarily well beyond their needs is much more likely to be ignored.

I was with you all the way, Dale, until you brought up cable TV.

Patience is a great virtue.

There are plenty of areas in which one cannot receive broadcast channels, since 8VSB ATSC transmission sucks ass and it's not like the analog era where you could put up rabbit ears and get at least a fuzzy picture 50-75 miles from a transmission tower. Now you either get enough signal for a perfect picture, or you get nothing or cuts out frequently.

Nobody NEEDS HBO. I'd argue nobody NEEDS ESPN, either.

LOL Dale just said a cell phone is not a necessity.

In may he was trying to argue with me that it was.

These liberals too funny. It's almost like with every issue they spin the WHEEL OF LIBERALISM and wherever it lands determines what they deem important.


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