To Lindsay Webb

From your friends on Council.

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(See notes for Fake A Team Democrats)

I'm not sure how Ms. Webb ran for office as a Democrat. As soon as she gets into office, she votes with the Republicans. Lets begin the push to get a real Democrat elected in her place next time. In the mean time, I hear there are many Democrats out there who will be letting her know as much as they can how awful she is. One Council meeting and she has let everyone know what a spaz she is.

...for those of us who aren't democrats, define what a 'real democrat" is?

It sure would help keep the score. :)


My statements are not meant to insult Republicans. On issues such as this, it is a party line vote. As such she needs to know the rules. She ran as a Democrat and now she's come out the closet as a Republican. There is nothing wrong with being a Republican. I almost considered becoming one, but I care about people and the Republican Party Agenda seems to me to care about commerce and nothing about people. your statements or to your position on this...but you used the term "real democrat" and I was curious how that is defined - or how you define it. :)

If I were to speculate, I could assume many things, but would rather not do so, relying instead upon your own definition.

1) I'm on dialup and can't see video or hear audio.

2) I already know that there's a play being enacted in downtown Toledo, and the script will continue to be read and acted, regardless of which "A-list" or "B-list" players are used to parrot the lines. The play is one of Shakespeare's great tragedies, called "A Middleclassed Nightmare", if my memory serves correctly. Notably, the part of Puck at the moment is being played by one Carleton Finkbeiner, who has a long career of playing a fool in public.

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