Clarification on a miniscule amount of money and the essential trash fee

Dear Citizens,

I would like to clarify a few things for you. In the 3/22 Blade I said:

"When you are dealing with a big budget in the neighborhood of $400 million, it is really understandable that aspects of that budget are more known to the finance department than council and even the mayor," Mr. Finkbeiner said. "One million is a small percentage of a $400 million budget."

Yes, out of a 400 million dollar budget, one million is a small percentage and it is understandable that we would not know the money exists and why we lived without it so long. I would like to thank the finance department who alerted me to this miniscule tiny 1.1 million dollar fund, which in the larger picture really does not mean much to such a large budget.

Now let's talk about the trash fee. The trash fee raises 4.8 million dollars a year, and it is essential that we have it. I am disappointed that council did not have the courage to extend the fee because that 4.8 million dollars is a lot and essential city services would have to be cut if it is not passed and if we do not charge the citizens for that fee. Council's action tonight is laudable because the 4.8 million dollars is so essential and means so much.

I hope this clarifies my position.

Yours truly,

A livable, clean, city of the future.

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