To Frank and all you Baboons

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I couldn’t believe what got said today… Basically, Carty called anyone who didn’t think he supported the military “just a plain baboon”.

What was shocking was Brian Wilson of WSPD asking “what would Black people think about that.” I was shocked! Why would “black people” care that the mayor was calling someone a “baboon” in any manor than a white person would?

Does Brian Wilson somehow equate black people and baboons? The time was about 5 minutes to 5pm. Does anyone have a recording of this?

Somehow I don’t think we’ll be getting a pod cast of it.

Brian Wilson actually said that??

yep...if that wasn't the exact phrase it was pretty darn close. The context is spott on. He just moved long after saying it and went to the break.

I've heard Wilson say some stupid things, but comparing African-Americans to baboons??? Looking at WSPD's website, it looks like the only available Wilson podcasts are his interviews. I wonder if they are supposed to keep transcripts at the station?

In fairness he didn't make a direct comparison, but have I to wonder why he would wonder out loud what blacks would think about Carty using the word baboon.

Moronic and telling non-the-less...

I did not know that Ringo Starr was a drummer for Tom Petty :)

I think he's just guest starring in the video :)

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