Ben Konop is wrong Gerken is Right

I can't believe what Ben Konop said yesterday:

"But Mr. Konop, citing the economic struggles gripping the county, said continuing to funnel taxpayer funds into the LCIC would be a misuse of that money."

What is wrong with funneling taxpayer funds into something that is not working? Gerken is right, stand by your creation, ignore the naysayers and the people who produce reports because they don't know the facts.

Keep up the good work Pete.

Your's truly,
A business friendly, livable, city of the future

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You didn't read far enough into the article, Fake. Konop also said, "The reality of the LCIC is it's a good ol' boy network with the status quo being preserved and a circle-the-wagons mentality." And Gerken is part of the ol' boy network if nothing else. The reason the LCIC is not working is the same reason a lot of stuff doesn't work around here... patronage, cronyism, and incompetence. Gerken would let the thing go on forever without producing anything except paychecks for the boardmembers. Konop is smart enough to see it.

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