Scout is the number one dog


Dear Anita Lopez, Lucas County Auditor,

My dog Scout is the number one dog in Lucas County. He loves riding in my GMC Envoy and even likes to stay in it when I go into a store, hold a press conference, or get treatment for my foot. Believe it or not, Scout loves the car so much he demands to stay in the SUV. Scout puts duty over anything else, even willing to weather high temperatures to make sure that tax payer funded property is well guarded. What more could you ask for in a pet and what other pets do this?

Scout is very obedient and is a model citizen for everyone in Toledo, including our local media. He does not go around spreading gossip, he does not work for WSPD, and he never barks up the wrong tree and I never need to bring him in to be educated. He comes into the building all the time and he listens to what I say. I enjoy this type of relationship.

It was Scout’s idea to apply for the “Most Livable City” award. One day I found him hovering over a magazine, licking the advertisement for the award. Scout is so smart.

Of course, Scout is not the perfect dog. To get into One Government Center, he passes himself off as Joan Rivers; he does like hot dogs at the Coney Dog place by Georgio's; he grants interviews with the Toledo Free Press behind my back and I catch him watching Conklin and Company (my old show) on Sundays when I leave the room. But, Scout’s imperfections only make him even more perfect.

When Teddy Roosevelt said speak softly and carry a big stick, he was obviously referring to Scout on the 22 floor. I hope you consider Scout for the number one dog in Lucas County.


A city of the future

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