Response to AnonymousCoward's post to Chris

Because YOU don't like what people are saying on Swampbubbles, then you threaten people with I 'am going to get my lawyers,say's the Anonymous Coward. get the F--- out of here with that shit, whiner, debate the posts if you don't agree with them, stop trying to shut down the 1st amendment,or go moderate your own Blog site...

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I'm sorry, I can't understand your post due to your poor grammar and spelling. However, I thank you for proving you are a fly-off-the-handle loon who had to make not one, not two, but THREE such front-page posts attacking me, all while displaying your command of the English language.

Behavior like that only reinforces the stereotype of right-wing Teabagger nuts like yourself. You don't even realize what you look like to any outsider reading this website, do you?

Seriously, seek help.

Shaddup, already!

Hopefully you're telling DTOM to knock it off, because boy, he's making you right-wingers look bad with his antics all over the front page. He's going to be the next Coon da Loon.

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