Collins is not the answer..

If you want stronger union control and Finkbeiner ideas in the ear of the Mayor, then vote for Collins....

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Have you ever spoken to Mike Collins or sat in on a Council meeting where he participates? He has a background in law enforcement but also in education. Both disciplines require objective analysis to peel back the layers and get to the heart of the issues. The unanimous conclusion by his contemporaries, those who sometimes agree and at other times disagree with him, is that he does his homework. Accurate research can be the unfun part of many pursuits. After the hard effort the most straight forward, accurate conclusion possible is reached. It's an objective analysis, much like what is used in evidence gathering. This is a Marine, father, grandfather who is far too along in the game to be influenced by any source particularly any who might hold out future rewards for any exchange. That would rub the ethics and the Irishman real wrong. Have had the experience of communicating by phone and e-mail with both. Good, bad, or indifferent Mike Collins Always returns his messages promptly. Bell's position on collective bargaining can be respected but it's a choice he made which he will have to live with. Mr. Collins has accepted campaign volunteers from the high school, university level up through a three time mayor of the city. Quite a broad spectrum, but we don't want a high school kid influencing public policy now do we? Give a shot at listening to the man. The mind is like a parachute. It doesn't work unless it's open.

In the beginning I felt the same about Mr. Collins,and voted for him in the primary, he lost some credibility during his debate. In one sentence he talked about a jobs war, an international war, and then he completely flips on that saying he would not go outside of the United States to bring business to Toledo. Another example is the 48,million dollar deficit that Collins says Bell is lying about. Also we have the issue of Collins getting counseled by Finkbiener, but that's not conclusive. Collins needs to polish up on his facts and stick to the truth not political posturing and untruths to get elected..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

I haven't heard a definitive answer yet. Does Collins live in Toledo, or in his wife's home in Sylvania?
Is it one of those deals where he maintains a legal residence in Toledo and actually lives in Sylvania?

"We're all riding on the Hindenburg, no sense fighting over the window seats"-Richard Jenni

You forgot to mention that he used to be the President of the Police union. Now what could go wrong with a former union official tied up with a city council chock full of current or former union officers? Can we say DETROIT?

Notice Bell's connection to city unions. Looks like the unions have the mayoral election sewn the fuck up again. There are only about 3000 city employees. How does this tiny minority of less than 1% end up controlling the other 99%? I still don't get it.

To the unions and a police state.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

How do you think Fredo did last night? Wasn't he dapper looking?

It appears he's been laying off the sandwiches.

Next time maybe a tuxedo and then I will agree.

Collins wife owns a house in Sylvania. Even she doesn't want to live in Toledo!!

I own a house in Indiania, but I live in Toledo.

Is "Indiania" one of those extra 7 states that Obama referred to?!

"In Indiana", or "on Indiana"?


I rode the school bus while my brother carried his lunch. With such an informed body politic no wonder we have so many Kwame Kilpatrick's picking the low hanging fruit.

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