Our Inalienable Rights..

Our government has, over the years, passed laws infringing on these rights. They have done it slowly and in small steps, mostly unnoticed by all except the victims; our fellow citizens whose rights have been abused. It is a serious blemish against our character, yours and mine, that we have not even acknowledged this government abuse, much less stepped forward as a united group to demand that our Constitutional Rights remain inviolable.

All of these laws against inalienable rights, a man has an obligation to his fellow citizens to refuse to obey, AND his fellow citizens have an obligation to support his right to do so.We must protest very strongly if government tries to punish any one for exercising his inalienable rights. Watch your newspaper; you will be alarmed at the number of reported cases of inalienable rights abuse. Although, not reported as abuses; the news media only points out freedom of speech abuses!

If the government does not take individual rights seriously then it does not take law seriously either!

The United States government, with all its arsenal of weapons cannot stand up to a guerrilla war waged by its citizens; when freedom or tyranny with slavery, are the only options.


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African Americans and other minorities have been suffering from the violation of their so-called inalienable rights for centuries. The government is now including everybody.

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