Storing food could get you labeled as a terror suspect..

Soon these activities could cause you to be arrested, detained, interrogated and even murdered all under U.S. law, thanks to NDAA and Obama:
• Criticizing the federal government.
• Using cash to purchase things.
• Storing food and medical supplies.
• Owning a firearm and storing ammunition.
• Standing still and minding your own business near a government building.
• Writing something down on a piece of paper near a government building.
• Using a pair of binoculars.
• Protesting for animal rights in front of a medical lab.
• Protesting your government (or Wall Street).
• Requesting to take more than a couple thousand dollars out of your bank account in cash.

No votes yet

whine, moan, and go berserk when the word FASCISM, is linked to their Chicago community dis-organizer ?
Well, when you no longer can buy Thomas Edison's incandescent light bulb.
And, are DICTATED to buy a lethal ,mercury ladened, Chinese manufactured, bulb that costs 4 times what Ol Tom's invention does.
And, not one Republican & many Dims, did not vote for this power mad scheme.

Then, add to it the above articles killing of the many aspects of First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Any wondering should be laid to rest as to who this rapacious zero actually follows and has learned from , one Saul the book.

Sick as a gut wagon smells...

Chris Hedges Sues Obama Administration Over National Defense Authorization Act

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Best video you ever posted Wolfie the NADD says ANYPERSON can be detained while bypassing individual rights..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Indeed, everyone should watch this video and DEMAND change. Fuck these guys and their indefinite detention

Pink Slip

Really Mike Coon? After all the stalking, threatening emails and middle of the night phone calls you've enflicted on many of us over the years, you have the nerve to call someone a Fascist?

Man denies 'hate e-mail' to columnist

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

Purnhrt, Roland Hanson, and wolfman wonder why I don't provide the personal details of my life?

There is no reason to look further than at SensorG's comment above.

A man gains wisdom by not just learning from their mistakes but also from the mistakes of others.


Everything you ever needed to know about Michael Edward Coon aka Mike Coon aka ProfProvo.

Wow, a then 46-year-old businessman taking a baseball bat to the body of a 19-year-old neighbor. So much for the Christian tenet Love Thy Neighbor. In that 2002 case, Coon initially pleaded Not Guilty, but it appears that on December 10, 2001, he entered a new plea of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, and was referred the following day for a psychiatric evaluation.

are as ignorant as the jive they read and post !
Let me thank you liberal liars for your votes making our unionized and very dangerous schools into a perpetual in crisis mode state of ruination.
I also need to thank you liberal liars about how our infrastructure is criminally neglected and left to crumble by those you twerps vote for.
Plus, your voting for miscreants like yourselves have forced 67,000 great paying jobs to flee this Dim ruined berg.
PARANOID COWARDS , on the left always remind me of the Knoxville Murderers, who vote exactly like you psychotic weirdos do.
I've always wondered why Mohammadden terrorists vote 100% for the two jackasses allowed me to know just why they do...all heathens are as demented, degenerate, and as disgustingly insipid as you both are.
Now, read the Yellow Blade, to get all of your facts for posting, it verifies that you are very paranoid and are physical cowards.
Hey didn't one of you vomit eaters lie about a radio personalities wife ?
Lying about another man's WIFE ?!
And, was forced to cough up an apology?! Going after some ones WIFE !?
Yeah, paranoid cowards on the run, run faster girls !! Run a whole lot faster...

That would be the infamous Wolfie the Wolfman one of Swamp bubbles top far left Liberal supporters....

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Going after someones wife,and lying about it is as low as bacteria can go.
If that would have happened to my wife, a lumping up of epic proportions would have occurred.
All the while I would be thousands of miles away !

A Yellow Blade , Islamist terrorist coddler knows very, very, well what happens to those who lie about Christian Fenians !

cowardice beyond the pale.
Going after someones wife,and lying about it is as low as bacteria can go.
If that would have happened to my wife, a lumping up of epic proportions would have occurred.
All the while I would be thousands of miles away !

A Yellow Blade , Islamist terrorist coddler like the apocryphal posting coward knows very, very, well what happens to those who lie about Christian Fenians !

Laughing like crazy on this Frosty Friday !
Never, ever, feck with a Fenian...

Are you of the Fenian Brotherhood's of James Stephens in Dublin and John O’Mahony.
Wolfie the wife talker could be a German spy..

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

Plus, I absolutely love fighting the Righteous Fight, in every facet of Freedom !
My many, many , scars verify it...

As far as the paranoid epecine goes...most spies aren't that wholly & completely obtuse.
He'd get caught passing notes in High School....

Does Detective Mark Woodruff of the Lucas County Sheriff's Department know you're off your meds?

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted. doesnt take a detective to know you not only need meds but wouldnt take them under a court order either....

you guys should get married....

“Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

of those he disagrees with wakes up in a sweaty nightmare to post at 4: 13 A.M. ???!!!

And, he then attempts to slander another innocent Christian victim by siding with a Yellow Blade terrorist appeaser who is the Spiritual Adviser to Mohammedans Hor and Amera Akl ???!!!

For you dissolute Demonrats out there, Mr. & Mrs. Hor Akl, are the Sylvania Township couple , convicted of supplying Hezbollah , with millions to further their sanguinary cold blooded murder of Americans !?
( THINK: Kobar Towers & 200 + Marines KILLED !!! )

And to you utterly vapid Demonrats,Hezbollah, has murdered over 4,000 real Americans !!
Nice crowd you America hating, paranoid,cyber stalkers of innocent women and physical cowards run with !!!

Then, senselesssally , comes to the aid of a Point Place pervert, who has shown his dangler to more innocent neighborhood children than Barney Fwank-Demonrat and Rep. Weiner -Demonrat, have shown children COMBINED in their whole deranged, demented, disgusting , and Demonrat LIVES !!!!!

Hey you paranoid, physical coward, who cyber stalks innocent women. Ask your detective what he thought when the Yellow Blade, ( with promises of endorsing him as Sheriff, if he'd join in their attempt at another character assassination they are legend for ) .) told him waaaaay after the FACT !
That they went to the FBI, and were laughed out of their offices( 4 times ) with lectures about the First Amendment and FREE SPEECH, to a "newspaper " !!!??

The detectives tool, went from a 8' monkey wrench, to a 1/ 64 open end wrench !!!

Yes indeed, COLOSSAL ignorance combined with GALAXY sized stupidity and you get Paul Wahlfart and senselesssally !!!
Two Demonrat radical zeroes with the brains of women who want to marry the likes of Charlie Manson and that Peterson, fellow who murdered his wife and unborn child !!!!

GOD, are all cyber stalkers, physical cowards, pederasts as completely and as wholly stupid as the two above referenced twerps are ?

I thought so....

Too funny, it’s too bad the internet doesn’t let you paste together your rants out of newspaper and magazine clippings.

Easy enough to type Mike Coon into Google and see all the crazy rants, staking, assaults and lawsuits you’ve had over the years; hardly cyber staking... As opposed to you who regularly sends personal threats via e-mail, phone calls and letters.

the menstrual skunk she is once she's proven to be as ignorant and as STUPID , as the most obtuse Dim, in the World !
All as she posts fact-less tripe obtained via pure yellow "journalism" ?!!!!

Odd that, I always did think that all of you immoral cretins stood up for each other to the end.
You, prove it commandingly !

Hey, your lip is bleeding, better put some ice on it you whiny , measly mouthed friend of pedophiles & Mohammedan throat cutters !!!!
And then, post to someone who cares you epicene twerp !

Too funny Mike Coon…

All you know how to do is spew misspelled insults. You like to call me immoral. Please show where I’m immoral? Which one of us has criminal record?

American Jihadist !
Yes indeed, pure unadulterated scum who is so deranged, she has to stay anonymous like all Demonrats, are !
Hey do you pedophiles have regular meetings ?!

Get some ice on your lip's BLEEDING PROFUSELY !!!!


Deranged? Really Mike Coon? I've never sent threatening emails, called someone in the middle of the night yelling, taken a baseball bat to a kid, intimated a witness or pleaded guilty by reason of insanity. These things are the definition of “deranged”.

Since you clearly are the deranged one with mental issues and projecting, I can only surmise that your obsession with pedophiles is something that the police should look into…

wolfman is so adament that other should post their personal information I think these two should trade contact info.... record every convo.... post them here....the rest enjoy the entertainment of the Calvalcade of Crazy!

Can we get purnhrt on 3-way call?


MikeyA he's already called me on the telephone years ago about a newspaper letter. Even gave me his name! That's as far as it went and I figured he was just blowing off steam. Actually I've had many calls from others when I had a landline. I still respect his right of free speech even though I don't agree with his tactics. I don't threaten people with lawsuits because my feelings were hurt. This is the rough and tumble blogosphere. Here on SB all can give an opinion if you can take the criticism in kind. This is the last vestige of a free America unlike corporate media. Ooohh by the way where's Fred been? Seems ProfProvo has taken his place!

Statements made are the opinion of the writer who is exercising his first amendment right to freedom of speech. Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and are generally permitted.

and yet you are cut from the same mold.


Get yourself into a hospital. Quick. After some rest, see a psychiatrist.

Patience is a great virtue.

about Carty, has changed ?!
Ford, is a whirlwind politician with boundless energy ?!

Eat your peas epicene and then, take your slippers off and put your work shoes on !

I just rolled off of my chair laughing at the Demonrat jackasses who bray on this site....

Hey, maybe a wiz kid like you knows which country Champion Spark Plug, fled to ?
Doehler-Jarvis ?
AP Parts ?
Dura ?
O-I ?
Gerighty & Schultz ?

No, I guess brain dead vomit eaters have an empirical historical wealth of lies....put to them by other idiots who know full well, Dims buy into anything they are told.... SUCKERS !!!

the part about the 'rest' and proceed accordingly.

This is quite the product your good name is attached to. Absolute Cuckoo's Nest...

This assclown has been on here before spewing his flotsam and jetsam. Read the entire thread. It's worth it.

views recorded ?
( Obviously, another paranoid physical coward as all radical liberals are !)

That is, in between jumping up and down screaming for censorship, holding his breath, not eating his veggies,and promising to drop a plop in his panties, if this whining molly-coddled nancyboy doesn't get his way ?!

Get it together weirdo, you too are a woman - brained changeling ,who greatly desires to marry the likes of Charlie Manson !

Still laughing at you utterly and completely STUPID leftist LIARS .......REMEMBER: Vote Dim, it is truly the best you Woodward H.S GED jackasses can do.
Especially, for Pete Gerken, a "man", who cannot even buy his wife the car she desires unless, given permission by unionized job killing criminals ?!

will you tell me, like you did Fred three years ago, that 'Mike' is in Jamaica, lol??

"I got a disturbing e-mail today from a company called Holland Benefits Group After a little checking I found out they are located in Maumee and they are some kind of insurance group. I called them at 419-866-0717 and spoke with someone named "Mike" who told me the boss/manager was in Jamaica. I wanted to explain about the e-mail and especially the lack of intelligence exhibited by someone sending this type of e-mail on company letterhead. I got nowhere. "Mike" wasn't interested even though this reflects poorly on the company which is Holland Benefits Group in Maumee. There's not much I could do with "Mike" who seemed anxious to get to a meeting..."

appeasers, and pederasts apologists, all squeal like pigs when they are exposed !!!
Pinch their ears and expect mind-blowing SQUEALS , like all of the above !!!
Eat your peas SUCKERS !!!!!
Take your slippers off and put your work shoes on !!!!

The stench emanating from you godless heathen twerps makes even God's, nostrils sting !

NEW FROM FASCIST'S, you can use...
19.6% real unemployment now VS. 6.8%, when sponges voted for a Chicago fatherless wimp.
There are 2 million less 'self-employed', than when a Fascist, lied his way into office.
Electricity costs up to $1420 / annually, $300 more than when a job killer took office.
146 MILLION Americans , now live in poverty, up 17% since OweBaMao, took office.
Personal incomes PLUNGE 11% ,since our Imperial President, took office ?
46 MILLION Americans, now receive food stamps from President Poverty ?!
America, takes in $2.1 TRILLION in revenue.
America, spends $3.8 TRILLION ? Do the math you vapid and dissolute Demonrat scum !
America's debt was $10.6 TRILLION , after three torturous job killing, home equity killing, personal asset killing YEARS... our deficit is $16.4 TRILLION ?!

REMEMBER: Always vote for who ever votes with Mohammadden throat cutting appeasers, pedophile apologists, union cyber stalkers of women, Woodward H.S. GED posters,and PURE UNADULTERATED PHYSICAL the vomit eaters above.
You too can be as COLOSSALLY ignorant and GALAXY wide STUPID , as they all are !!!!

SUCKERS....I can make you epecine's dance to which ever tune I on you Demonrat dissolute heathen' any of you jackasses know which country Champion Spark Plug, fled to ?

A burning sack of crap on your porch to the correct respondent !!!!

Laughing like I just watched Red Skelton....YEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAA !
Great, grand, and glorious FUN!!!!!

I do almost all of those.

Profprovo, in all seriousness, seek out some help.

Patience is a great virtue.

I have no idea who profprovo or Mike Coon is, but at least one person on this site knows him. Please take care of him. Get him help. There is heart illness and there is brain illness. Nobody wants either, but the latter appears to be clear. Whoever knows this guy, please help him.

Patience is a great virtue.

that unionized stalker of other mens wives, all have to post a 4 or 5 times in a row to get your thoughts in line ?!

All that jumping up and down, holding your breathes, soiling your panties, and screaming for mommy, just doesn't allow for cogent sequencing of thoughts, does it !?

NOW: Eat your peas, take your slippers off, put your work shoes on, and then, post to some one who cares !!!!
Oh, and read the Yellow Blade, it will help in your colossal ignorance, all so that you can slander others you do not know.



Some people can't be helped. It's sad but true.


adds his two cents worth to posts by other effeminate Demonrat jackasses?

A summary of radical Dim Liberals & their beliefs as derived from these adolescent posts:
1) a cyber stalker and liar of another mans wife = a true misogynist, who has never had one original thought in his entire miserable life.

2) Mohammadden throat cutter supporters of any Islamist with Hussein, some where in the name= true America hating heathens, nothing more. THINK:Hor and Amera Akl-the registered Demonrats, from Sylvania Twp., sitting in prison for money laundering millions of dollars for Hezbollah. Hezbollah-has murdered over 4,000 real Americans !

3) Scattered brained epicenes who cannot put rational thoughts together in any sequence indicating intelligence. You nancyboys have to post 5 or 6 times in a ROW, to get your woman's brain engaged ?! Your Woodward High GED, isn't cutting it .

4) Pederists-who when not reading NAMBLA, are in full support of pedophiles exposing themselves to little children, no doubt from a deep seated inferior complex only godless Demonrats ,have.

5) And, Yellow Blade, sycophants who are told what to think & how to think. Talking about the rugged American individualism Spirit from these genetically hate filled girls has never occurred.
Now, go eat your peas, take your slippers off, and put your work shoes on.....

GOD, are all Demonrat scum, as stupid and easy to fool as they post & vote ?

Thought so....

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