Is Everyone Happy With There $40.00 Raise From Obama.

What better way to gain support then to give somebody something. WoooHooo 40.00 a week for two months,(minus taxes) Hip Hip Horray, Obama's are man, lets re-elect him. Oh thank Boehner for giving in. Lets not forget that Trump will help Obama's re-election running Independent, and Paul's not running as a 3rd party canadate thats a plus, he is farther left then Obama is on some issues, Paul is only conservative in the fiscal sense.
Its to close to the election for a 3rd party canadate anyway, it needs to be built up, start now..maybe we can get one by 2016.

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Seriously? You need to pay closer attention. Even the liberal media talking heads admit that Ron Paul is a social conservative.

You are right that there will not be any 3rd party candidate to help BO the way Ross Perot intentionally helped Slick Willy into the highest office in the land. Clinton would never have been president without Perot. I HAVE heard this little rumor that the reason Huntsman is pretending to be in the race at all is to later run as an independent. And that the reason for that would be to drain votes from whoever is the Republican nominee. That, of course, is not going to work, even if it proves out later to be true. Huntsman might get 2 or 3 thousand votes, if that. He doesn't have that charisma or whatever it was, that Perot had. Perot knew he was never going to be prez, but absolutely hated the Bush family. But the true Perot believers - and I knew a lot of them just here in Northwest Ohio - were CONVINCED that the shrimpy little manipulator was poised to be the savior of the country - and you couldn't convince them otherwise.

All he did, and all he intended to do - was get Clinton - who polls showed was going to lose otherwise - elected. One of the arguably worst presidents in the history of this nation.

Well, there is no Perot available to help BO. AND - the one real advantage to voters being so absolutely polarized this election cycle is that they won't be "fooled" again by any independent or 3rd party fakers.

Paul is not a social conservative when it comes to foreign policy his views are far left when it comes to that. Sometimes we have to intervene, who else is going to stop Korea and Iran. I like a lot of what Paul stands for but he is to right for the establishment to accept. Right meaning he will turn things back to the fundamentals of the constitution. Washington will do everything it can to keep him from being nominated. I think if we start a third party movement now Paul could win in 2016 if it’s not too late for him. Rand Paul would be another choice.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

shrimpy little manipulator?

Damn, you're good with words, girl. You make this site fun again. Your adjectives and pronouns kick ass. On a more serious note, I voted for the reelectiion of George H.W. Bush mostly on the skill he had in assembling nations to oppose Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. I will always regard him as one of our greatest presidents.

Patience is a great virtue.

" I will always regard him as one of our greatest presidents"

And you will always be regarded as a Fukin retard.

Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.
By the way, Loosenut, I'm told that you like to lick the rectums of men. Do you have evidence to prove otherwise?

Patience is a great virtue.

To the author of this thread:
I am wondering if you really intended to write "Horray, Obama's are man, lets re-elect him." instead of "Horray, Obama's our man, lets re-elect him."
Incidentally, the President does not pass the laws in this country; that is the responsibility of Congress. Therefore, I do not understand why you wrote "Is Everyone Happy With There $40.00 Raise From Obama."
Obama did not give that which you attribute to him, Congress did.

Obama pushed for this, he owns it, and he signed it. Stop using semantics to get around the truth. Yes (our) sorry I didn't realize that we had so many English teachers on this site.

"DTOM" {1776} " We The People" {1791}

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