The November election said nothing to this administration, they don't care about re-election they are going full bore on obtaining their agenda. They can't possibly think they are getting re-elected. Here is just a few of the earmarks in the Ominbus bill...

Three hundred fifty thousand dollars for cool-season legume research in Idaho, North Dakota and Washington. A half million dollars for road roundabouts in Mississippi. And $1 million for arthropod damage in Nevada.

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Of course over $2 billion was requested by Republicans, but don't let reality get in your way.


That on top of the almost $2 billion (1,029 earmarks) Republicans got this year.

I really like how Republican leadership rallies against earmarks in front of the cameras and gushing Tea Baggers while quietly making sure they get their earmarks.


Of course all this btiching and moaning about earmarks makes for good GOTV for the tea bagger crowd, but is only a teeny, tiny drop of spending. …

Best head line -
Cornyn and Thune Defend the Earmarks They Requested and Will Vote Against


So basically they requested all sorts of earmarks in the bill and are now going to vote against it because the bill has earmarks.

Once again - Republicans have no plan for governing.

They put the earmarks in but vote against them. Frankly they were banking on the bill passing and getting their earmarks while voting against the pork. This is audacity and hypocrisy raised to the 9th degree.

I find the fact the post's author is blaming the administration for earmarks amazing. They originate with lawmakers. Obama is caught between the proverbial rock and hard place. He vetos the bill because of earmarks and unemployment insurance, etc. goes the way of snow in spring.

Frankly the problem lies with both parties. I'm confused how Republicans can blame Democrats - the only issues are how they spend the money and where they get it (Republicans raised borrowing to new highs - Democrats traditionally favor progressive taxes).

I find it difficult to defend either party. The process is broken because the game today is to get your guys elected no matter the cost as opposed to being "statesmen" interested in governing for the common good.

My wrath is squarely aimed at both parties and how they operate.

We could use some new TARTA bus stations downtown. And install windmills on the vacant
downtown buildings so they can pick up all the hot air generated by 1 Government Center.

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