Beware the incompetent AT&T Midwest!

Over two years ago I unfortunately dealt with AT&T Midwest. Originally I foolishly gave them permission to automatically withdraw from my bank account. Then I decided against it and both informed them by their computer form/website to stop such withdrawals and that I would send them a check, as well as talking to too many of their AT&T Midwest people on the phone.

Due to AT&T Midwest incompetence, they continued to attempt to withdraw from my account and couldn't (since I had changed it, as I told them) and then had the audacity to charge me fees because they could't access my account! Infuriated, I talked to too many of their people, as they continued their stupidity and continued to add up fees/fines/charges! I finally got a proper representative who told me exactly what I owed - minus the outrageous charges they insanely added because of their incompetence, adding insult to injury - and sent it to them and said I never wanted to hear from them again. I hated them!

I talked to so many AT&T Midwest people it's ridiculous and then today I get some "settlement offer" from a debt collector for them! Years later. I called and explained how incompetent AT&T Midwest is and how I should sue them for harassment. They put it down as a "dispute." Let all beware the incompetent AT&T Midwest and the risks involved in automatic withdrawal!

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