Tiger Woods, Christmas and Adultery

Tiger Woods & the high cost of adultery
IT has come to light in recent weeks that one of the most recognizable people on the planet, golf phenomenon Tiger Woods, has had numerous extra-marital affairs. Woods, since he came on to the golf scene in his teens has always maintained a squeaky clean image of wholesomeness. He has surrounded himself with the best handlers who always positioned Woods as the epitome of excellence on and off the golf course. Five years ago he married a former Swedish model, Elin Nordegren and the couple have a daughter and son together. They have always been promoted as the ideal family.
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Most folks don't know what they have until it's gone, whether it's family, friends, health, marriage, or whatever good thing you can think of and the devastating sin of adultery often blows it all away.

As a "recovering homosexual" (who wishes to God I could have been straight with a beloved wife and children, as mentioned within God and the Gays), it angers me how those who are blessed to have a heterosexual drive often fail to remain faithful to their spouse and betray their family and hurt themselves and everybody around them.

There is forgiveness, not to be taken lightly since it comes at such a high price - the death of the Passover Lamb of God (not Easter rabbit) - but forgiveness doesn't mean the offended partner must remain married to one who has selfishly broken their vows and destroyed trust. I'm sure all these issues will be addressed but would hope at least a few would consider the spiritual applications of the holy commandment against adultery.

It's past time we recognize how those who engage in pagan practices, who indulge in baptized paganism, who wallow in the mire of whitewashed heathen customs pretending to be Christian (like the Roman Catholic holidays of Christmas and Easter) are guilty of spiritual adultery.

Like the deceitfulness of "cheating," too many professing Christians remain in denial of their sins of spiritual adultery and will suffer severe consequences for such dishonesty. We're to confess and forsake our sins, to FORSAKE BABYLON - not stay stuck in the muck of traditional bondage, so help us God!

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